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It is natural for parents to fear the Chiropractor for their babies. As adults, getting an adjustment can mean a lot of pressure and cracks. However, Chiropr...

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In females, the brain reaches its full size at about age 11, while the male brain stops growing at about age 14.
While the brain may not grow beyond the early teen years, it keeps maturing until the mid- to late-20s.
The front part of the brain, called the prefrontal cortex, is one of the last regions to mature. It's responsible for planning, prioritizing and controlling impulses.
The maturing brain's changes may help explain why some mental disorders don't emerge until adolescence.

These gathering spots bring the party to the front of the house. Chat with neighbors and watch the world go by

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The Collect
Rite I:
God, the Great Spirit, whose breath dost give life to the world and whose voice dost thunder in the wind: We give thee thanks for thy servant Samson Occom, strong preacher and teacher among the Mohegan people; and pray that we, cherishing his example, may love learning and by love build up the communities into which thou dost send us; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with…

Your mental health impacts every part of your life.When you improve your brain, you improve your life. Here are 5 ways to do that.

Russian mediators acting on behalf of the government in Syria of Bashar al-Assad negotiated a ceasefire with the armed militias in Daraa province.

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Truss key to adjust string height for easier playability
Lifetime tuning and maintenance video support
Lifetime limited warranty

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Unfortunately, diversity hiring efforts are often held back by the explicit and implicit biases of those who make the hiring decisions.

Luego de haber participado en el festival Felabration 2015, que se lleva a cabo en Lagos, Nigeria, y haber compartido con la familia Kuti, Newen Afrobeat se ...

This morning, just outside of DeKorte Park, Chris Soucy of the Raptor Trust released a majestic Red-Tailed hawk that had been burned more than a year ago. The Raptor Trust rehabilitated the male hawk, who flew off and immediately found a place to perch. We're thrilled to see this happy ending/new beginning for the hawk!…

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mississippi and the University of Mississippi Medical Center have agreed on a mediator in their contract dispute and UMMC will proceed under the contract terms through the...

A breakfast nook can be a cozy spot to snug, eat, read and enjoy coffee breaks. This small eat-in spot can provide you comfort and relaxation if you design its seating carefully. Usually breakfast nooks are outfitted with benches. So, we thought of bringing you different options of benches that you can consider for

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