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The European Union’s highest court decided the taste of a cheese does not qualify for protection.

HBO has officially kicked off marketing for the eighth and final season of the fantasy epic, the biggest hit in its history.

Self-healing SPF-XI retains vehicle resale value by protecting paint from damage without degrading the original finish.

If you are diagnosed with a cataract, there are treatment options other than surgery that can be considered to replace your clouded lens.

After the elections, a red-state liberal ponders futility — and against all odds, arrives at hope.

Canadian teenagers use more marijuana than youths anywhere else in the world. The government hopes legalization will change that.

Three raging wildfires have displaced hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes. Here are some charities that are helping victims.

Mayor Bill de Blasio sees opportunity to move a host of pet projects through a Democrat-controlled legislature, including election reform, rent regulation and transit financing.

Instead of starting in a small newsroom and eventually moving up in size, we are asking journalists to train at a larger place so they can flourish potentially somewhere smaller.

Many eye problems require the medical knowledge that an ophthalmologist has from years of clinical and surgical training. But there are eye problems that you can treat safely at home, as long as they

A recent visit to Nauru revealed the effects of Australia’s offshore detention policy and its impact on mental health.

NBC and Facebook also pulled the ad, which was intended to stir fear of migrants moving north through Mexico. CNN rejected it, calling the ad “racist.”

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American and Afghan officials said an Afghan commando had opened fire in Kabul, wounding another service member.