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California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom said at an elections forum Thursday that he will continue pursuing a single-payer health care plan for the state and rent relief even as Republicans decr…

Members of both major political parties agree that November’s midterm election is very important, but Democratic voters are more fired up than Republicans this cycle, the Pew Research Center report…

In the bucolic days of December 2017, before media outlets had to hire armed security guards to protect their reporters from the riffraff that makes up a presidential pep rally nowadays, President …

This could be the first season in major league history to feature more strikeouts than hits, a slowdown that worries many league officials.

The production deal, which had been expected, came after Mr. Barris’s relationship with ABC soured, leading him to negotiate an early exit from his contract there.

Overspecifying optics for LIDT can unnecessarily increase costs; understanding the statistics behind LIDT will help avoid this problem.

Facebook has had its share of scandals recently. Just within the past few weeks, Facebook was the subject of an undercover report about…

Nine scoops of ice cream in one day? Why not? Also, free jazz and a visit to Manhattan’s oldest house.

Google URL Shortener at is used by Google products to create short URLs that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends.

More than 70 people were taken to a hospital after overdosing on a batch of synthetic marijuana that the police believe was laced with an opioid.

Everything you need to know about the best places to retire, whether you are interested in Retiring, Buying Real Estate or Living overseas...or just want to learn more about the world.

The fallout from Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal has left the automaker in an awkward spot: It must now fund an ad campaign pushing electric vehicle awareness that highlights competitors' products.

Just 7% of 2016's top films were directed by women. Refinery29 is changing that by helping women get behind the camera.

Your high-efficiency HVAC system will only work as well as your ductwork design and installation. This is why it is important to get the best HVAC special

The Beck Group, the integrated architecture and construction firm, announced that Chad Prochaska has joined the firm as Director of Dallas Preconstruction.

A programmable thermostat is a great product that homeowners can use to control their overall heating and cooling costs throughout the year as long as they are being used correctly.