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Memorial Day means blockbusters, horror tales and indie comedies are headed your way. We’ve picked the best films to look out for.

For help with the vent covers in your Monrovia, CA home, please contact Air Tro Inc. at 626-357-3535.

Thank you for watching this insightful interview with Rajashree Choudhury Rajashree Choudhury offers a rare interview sharing her knowledge into the many ben...

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is an open door, community-funded center, which provides all animals a place where they receive a safe haven, care and res...

Anglers are fiercely protective of fishing records. When Tom Volk caught a huge walleye in North Dakota, it led to social media outcry and a criminal investigation.

Theresa May exits but the Brexit impasse will endure for the simple reason it makes no sense.

The filters in your air conditioner are responsible for cleaning the air that flows through your HVAC system.

Most snails are righties. Now scientists have found genes that make some of them born with shells coiling the other way.

Five Keys Schools and Programs presents its 6th Annual Art Show, May 30, 2019 from 6pm-8pm, at the Pasadena Convention Center's Exhibit Hall & Ballroom.

The Trump administration is equipping Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E. and Jordan, even as the president remains reluctant to increase the number of American military personnel on the ground.

The pay package Tesla promised to Elon Musk is so large that in order to display it accurately, we had to add an extra dimension to the graphic.

Part of every divorce is the splitting of marital assets between spouses, including retirement accounts. Click here to learn more about how you can be sure to secure the assets you require for retirement during your divorce process.

They’re unsure how Android phones will keep working as Google and other companies assess a Trump administration order.

China has turned the Xinjiang region in its far west into an incubator for automated authoritarianism that could spread across the country and beyond.

Government forecasters predict as many as 15 named storms, and as many as four major hurricanes, during the season which begins June 1 and stretches to Nov. 30

If you're still using an old manual thermostat, one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make is to install a programmable thermostat.

If the mission is successful, it could point the way toward an important new line of business for the private rocket company.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become one of the most powerful politicians in Indian history, and his success has lifted the Hindu right to its greatest power in modern Indian history.

LeBron James is too good to spend his final years with a franchise that is circling the drain.

PASADENA, Calif.—May is National Bike Safety Month, but Pasadena Police Department wants drivers and bicyclists to share the road safely all year round
“It’s not just cars using the road but also people on bikes, motorcycles and walking,” Pasadena Police Department Lieutenant Mark Goodman said. “The road belongs to everyone, and we all share responsibility in making sure we get where we are going safely.”

www.100yearlifestyle.com www.facebook.com/100yearlifestyle In this clip, Dr. Eric Plasker, Doctor of Chiropractic and bestselling author of The...