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Weather stripping is a great way to become a green Pasadena homeowner. For even more information on efficiency, call a specialist in Air-Tro Inc. at (626) 357-3535.

Other scholarships of related interest to SPIE and to the optics and photonics community.

For help with the vent covers in your Monrovia, CA home, please contact Air Tro Inc. at 626-357-3535.

The debate has been going on for years — really, since Britain joined the forerunner of the European Union in 1973. Here’s why.

Mrs. May had offered herself as a pair of “safe hands” in negotiating Brexit. But she survived a confidence vote only after promising to eventually step down.

Google URL Shortener at is used by Google products to create short URLs that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends.

By Brandon Lomenzo Black Security control car - Image by Candace Frazee The symphony of marching bands and cheers echoes up and down Colorado

Who can blame the average homeowner for being a bit confused about duct tape? After all, people use it to patch together appliances, doors and even their c

When your HVAC system is working properly, the efficiency of the unit can save money on your monthly bills. These six strategies will help you boost the efficiency of your system and lengthen its life span: Service your HVAC system regularly: It’s important to have your HVAC system checked once or twice a year to …

eDiscovery efforts are often costly, time consuming and burdensome. The volume of Electronically Stored Information is growing exponentially and will only continue to do so. Even with the advent of …

Are you applying for the Caroline D Bradley Scholarship? CDB Program Manager Bonnie Raskin shares some tips for applicants.

Steve W. Berman of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP has been involved in several high-profile class action cases, including a $25 million settlement with Samsung and Toshiba after the companies were accused of collectively raising prices of optical disk drives. These accomplishments landed him among Law360’s 2018 Class Action MVPs.

ABLE Accounts After Tax Reform
Submitted by Guidant Planning on December 10th, 2018
Recent federal tax reform legislation has added several favorable new tax provisions for ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) accounts.* ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities that are typically used to cover qualified disability expenses. Generally, an ABLE account is disregarded for purposes of determining eligibility for, and the…

When Carol was three years old, she taught herself to read. At age six, she gave her Barbie a lobotomy. At seven, she picked Rembrandt as the person she respected most, because of his use of light.…

Sep 2, 2016 at 8:23am PDT
With a death toll that rises into the thousands, there’s no debating Escobar’s demented thirst for violence. Predictably, the Netflix series showcased more than a fair share of his dirty work
Sep 23, 2015 at 2:46pm PDT
What I wasn’t expecting, however, were the moments of filial love on display in the Escobar home and how that prompted me to feel for dude and his humanity.
I don’t know that this was a result of the writers’…

Compiling a list of the best works in a year can feel like kind of a wild exercise – it’s impossible for any one person to read everything that comes out in any given year, even when you get to narrow the field a little bit and limit yourself to only Latinx writers. This year’s[.....]

California's assault weapons ban under Penal Code Section 30600 from the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at Eisner Gorin LLP. Call us to defend you.

Support for the Yellow Vests’ sometimes violent opposition to France’s high taxes and stagnant wages showed little sign of waning.

By properly maintaining your HVAC system, you will get the comfort and efficiency that you expect from it. Here are six tips to help you get the most out o

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