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Outcomes from 67,000 procedures were evaluated. Also, patient satisfaction was high.

About Veteran of the Week: Perspecta and partners are proud of the Veterans each employs and want to take this opportunity to showcase those nominated and selected for this honor and the great things they are doing for our companies and the community. We encourage you to share these stories and the opportunity to purchase Honor Packs with your friends, family and social network. There are an estimated 40,000 homeless veterans on our streets any given night. Our goal is to sell 5,000…

HBO’s newest series is a faithful rendering of the story by Elena Ferrante and a counterpoint to cable drama’s testosterone-driven past.

The Ice House, Pasadena, CA
21 & over
Ticket Price: $15.00
Jay Hollingsworth
“Big Irish” Jay Hollingsworth started his stand-up career in Boston, MA where he was recently named “Best Comedy Export” by the readers of the Boston Examiner. Since leaving Massachusetts, Jay has starred in the movie Comics BBQ and has been a finalist in multiple comedy competitions including the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition…

The Avery Dennison FM 9200 series delivers superior bonding, environmental resistance and repositionability
We live in an age of electronic devices. And, as these devices have become indispensable, consumers' expectations for their appearance, functionality and power has increased
Manufacturers, in turn, have responded by pushing the boundaries of hardware engineering and design. A critical part of this push is their ability to create a perfect bond…

Keeping dyed hair healthy is essential. Here are some things you may not have realized can damage dyed hair.

Do gifted children and arts education mix? Office Manager Katie Sanborn, a dancer herself, shares reasons why they absolutely do.

After another strained meeting with President Trump, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany calls for a European army to reduce dependence on the United States.

Indiana Means Business Career Fair 2018 - Students and Alumni
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Today, air conditioning is a given in most homes across the San Gabriel Valley. As temperatures increase outside, who among us doesn’t enjoy feeling cool and refreshed inside with the latest in HVAC technology?

Cauliflower seems to be everywhere these days, more than officially qualifying for “it” vegetable status (an outrageous sentence, if you think about it, but here we are). Prized for its chameleon-like nature, it transforms into nearly anything we want. It’s cooked whole and served with the ceremony of a roast chicken, pressed into a pan to become pizza crust, pulverized into “rice” or puréed into a velvety soup. There are many ways to prepare it, but we’ll focus on three: steamed, roasted and…

Crystal City, a declining neighborhood in Arlington, Va., cheered Amazon’s arrival on Tuesday. It’s getting a new name — National Landing — to go along with its victory.

After its debut at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal, “A Crack in Everything” will open at the Jewish Museum next year.

The European Union’s highest court decided the taste of a cheese does not qualify for protection.

Kevin Berry of Air-Tro, Inc. discusses the various rebates available for air conditioning installation in the greater Los Angeles area. Everyone deserves to be comfortable and there are many programs available to help finance your heating and air conditioning needs. At Air-Tro we are focused on delivering exceptional service with every call. Customers throughout Pasadena, …

HBO has officially kicked off marketing for the eighth and final season of the fantasy epic, the biggest hit in its history.

The public and private feuding over how to resolve America’s trade disputes comes as the president prepares to meet with China’s president and as the White House considers tariffs on cars.

Giftedness is a holistic phenomenom. The intrinsic intensity of a gifted child sets their inner world and life experience apart from the neurotypical norm.

The benefits of cognitive or IQ testing for gifted identification, how this can provide information about behaviors, skills, twice exceptional concerns, and learning disabilities, and inform decisions related to gifted education

10 Likes, 0 Comments - Camille DePedrini Boutique (@camilledepedrini) on Instagram: “Another one from Michael's show! Still on view at City Hall.”

If you're a solo entrepreneur, start-up business or a consultant, working from home might be cheap but it's not practical if you want to expand or need facilities like meeting rooms to meet clients...

California Senate Bill 1437 allows eligible defendants a reduced sentence under new felony murder law. Contact our Los Angeles criminal lawyers for help.

His decision to turn the spreadsheet and the publicity machine into artistic mediums has touched artists from Damien Hirst to Banksy.

Harper Lee perhaps described best the world before air conditioning in her classic novel about growing up in the South of the Great Depression. Her home in the fictional town of Maycomb was sweltering like much of the country in the summer of 1932. People cooled themselves with paper fans and glasses of lemonade. If you lived in a state like Alabama where temps regularly exceeded 100 degrees, you were plain out of luck during the summer months.