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Having dirty blinds does not only ruin the visual aesthetic of your home, it also puts children and pets at risk as they are likely to come in contact with it and might even consume the dirt. Howev…

All of us have been distracted by our thoughts at one time or another, and the construction industry is no exception. Learn how mental distractions can affect performance and what to look out for with those who may need help.

If you are suffering from allergy problems but can’t find the main cause of it, it just might be due to unclean air ventilation ducts. Having dirty air ventilation ducts at home can cause other pro…

Build Smart: The Texas Way
The Korte Company’s most recent expansion supports projects throughout the Lone Star State. Based in Houston, our Texas office allows us to deliver the same caliber of Design-Build construction expertise our clients across the country expect
But why Texas? It’s about more than just an opportunity to grow the business. It’s about how we grow. And it’s about growing in partnership…

“Celebrate #StarWarsDay with the official activity kit, featuring coloring pages, recipes, and more: t.co/x8OflxeCZ1 #MayThe4thBeWithYou”

Ceiling fans get dusty real quick. And since we often lack the time and energy to clean them, they look really dirty and make your room look subpar. Well, you can get a professional cleaner to come…

In a move that company officials say is designed to simplify the product discovery and exploration process for consumers, Marvin Windows and Doors announced today that it will undergo rebranding. The more than 100 year old company previously known as Marvin Windows and Doors, along with its Integrity Windows and Doors brand, will be known simply as Marvin going forward. Both brands' previous logos will be…

The mission statement for our Calumet Center’s Altgeld Youth Leadership program, drafted by the high school students who participate, reads
“To create ethical leaders with an open mind who are honest, trustworthy, and willing to make a change beyond their community.”
The second cohort of our Altgeld 10 – ten young leaders who visit New York City during their Spring Break, thanks to support from the Lyon Family Foundation – embraced this mission as they learned new things about new cultures in a…

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services offers financial organizations the best-in-class compliance, content, and technology solutions and services to manage risk and improve efficiency

Teens at Andrew High School in Tinley Park created a video against hate in response to the Christchurch, New Zealand shootings. The film was shown to students and staff on Monday morning.

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This weekend full moon won't be pink in color but will still serve up some brilliant moon watching opportunities. Watch from moonrise to get the best look at April's full moon.

A Crain's analysis of first-quarter data shows twice as many towns where three key metrics are down as where they are up.

Sometimes the best thing for a forest or prairie is to burn it. We spend a day with a Cook County burn crew.

A Columbia University psychiatry professor talks about what he's learned from trying the drug himself and studying it over the years.

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Logistics dominates today’s consumer economy. Whether it’s fresh food, cell phones, mail or socks, businesses are more reliant on warehouses and distribution centers than they’ve ever been
The value of these facilities cannot be overstated. They protect inventory and, when built right, improve on the efficiency with which that inventory is received, sorted, retrieved and shipped. A warehouse’s layout directly affects how well it does this…

Palos Park native and rising Nashville star Abby Kasch advanced in the battle rounds on 'The Voice.' Watch her duet "Bring In The Rain."

This year, we celebrate those people who stand behind or often beside the chefs, sommeliers and others who make and serve the best food and drink in the world. We're talking about investors, restaurant groups, the purveyors—even the media!—and all the other people who work in their own ways to make Chicago the premier food city that it has become. To narrow the list of contenders, we called upon those who made the list before, who provided invaluable insights and suggestions about figures…

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) have introduced a new impairment model, commonly known as CECL (Current Expected Credit Losses),which represents major shift from the existing incurred loss model.

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Read about Ralph Korte's educational journey—from a stateside U.S. Army classroom to a tent library in Korea to eight years of night school back home.

For most individuals the deadline to make a regular contribution to an IRA, HSA, or CESA for tax year 2018 is Monday, April 15, 2019. An exception applies to residents of Maine and Massachusetts.

Can machines design buildings? What can we learn from AEC "superusers"? How are leading contractors winning with offsite construction?
The answers to these questions—and so many more—will be explor

Bulletin Board: A Post From the Community | (Springfield, IL) - Suburban Amos Alonzo Stagg High School has been selected to participate in the country's first teen Mental Health First Aid pilot program, a program backed by singer, songwriter Lady Gaga's philanthropic foundation. The Palos Hills-based high school is one of eight sites participating in the National Council for Behavioral Health and Lady Gaga's Born This…

District 230 continues to streamline communication processes through the use of digital tools in response to feedback from families and students. Our goal is to provide timely information and ...

Due to the destruction caused by severe storms, tornadoes, and straight-line winds on March 3, 2019, the President has declared parts of Alabama a federal disaster