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Hotel construction projects have many moving parts. The key to success is optimizing a wide array of hotel construction costs associated with these projects.

Top 10 ways to improve a workplace and increase productivity according to office workers, from changes in the environment to new items.

Whether it’s on a warm summer afternoon that you’re craving fresh fruit granita or on a lazy evening with a chilled soda, the amazing ice maker comes in handy in all circumstances. Especially if yo…

If you are a caffeine addict and someone who cannot start his day without that punch and aroma of morning coffee, it is most likely that you own a coffee bean grinder too. Grinding your own coffee …

Refrigerators have become one of the most necessary appliances that a household requires. It is useful in food storage, preventing food decay, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and saving a lot o…

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" We are a Chicago boutique interior design, styling and home staging company that helps you celebrate house and home. Reinventing Space combines unique design services. We are ready to be your active, long term partner in celebrating house and…

A sleepy rear end could be the cause of aches and pains in your knees, hips and back.

These four mantras (some surprising) can make achieving the lifestyle you want easier.

What you need to know about the latest “health fad” some celebrities are trying.

Perhaps the most important part of my job as your architect and leader of the design team is to keep apprised of design trends. And what I have learned from my love of history is that history and t…

There are great career opportunities for women in construction. There is a massive labor shortage and an under representation of women.

While the ceiling details make a space interesting the true artistry is behind the drywall, forever covered and never to be appreciated. To give the framing a nod here are some before and after pi…

When does business information become a business disadvantage? Robert Dagge, Managing Director, Dynistics, explains that no business is unique, just different and the use of pre-defined charts that are industry honed by experts can deliver those desired business insights within hours, not days, weeks or months. Using today’s Business Intelligence (BI) tools can be a ... [Read more...]

Than all my words can tell,
Not just alone for Christmas
But for all the year as well. - Julea & Co

We’ve all heard the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A new study held in the Forest Preserves of Cook County shows that similar to a

Santa isn't the only one who makes the magic happen. We do it every day of the year. www.korteco.com

Finding a great gingerbread recipe is important, but after making the dough chill it for at least 1 hour in the fridge before rolling it out. If the dough starts to get soft, pop it back in the fri…

See how to win a cute and cuddly Update Cat Swag Pack and download wallpapers to remind you of the benefits of applying system and software updates.

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