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Don’t pass up that ‘for sale’ sign stuck in the snow-it might just be your ticket to finding your new home at a steal! Real …

Celebrity landscaper, TV host and author Carson Arthur offers his tips for killer curb appeal.

Studies show a direct connection between diversity and productivity and innovation. Could the key to improving productivity in our industry lie not in our processes and tools, but rather in our people?

The former president and former first lady shared a sweet moment together before President George H.W. Bush's state funeral.

A tradition of wonderful Italian food and generous portions. Serving you and your family only the freshest ingredients! Where the bread, pastas, and soups are made in house, just like Papa Joe used to make!

A thrice-weekly webcomic written and illustrated by Reza Farazmand. New comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Among the recommendations from the world's second-richest person? A book on meditation, as well as one on modern warfare.

In the early days of electronic spreadsheets when the interface was primitive and navigation was much more difficult than today, Excel had a handy command called Go To, activated by function key F5. Go To did exactly what it sounds like: it would take the user to the cell or named range entered in the Go To dialog box. I never use Go To much anymore opting instead for the arrow keys, the Page Up and Page Down keys, and other keyboard shortcuts…

This means you helped us raise almost $50,000 in total yesterday. Because we need to raise almost $15 per day for each person we serve, your support yesterday provided a full year of services for 17 of the adults and children who participate in our programs
Thank you for supporting these 17 people as they pursue possibilities, and thanks also to all of you who support the services we provide to the other 461 people who depend on this ministry. Have a happy…

Sunday evening message, November 25, 2018 – Pastor Len Hardt Romans 8:14-17

Sunday morning message, November 25, 2018 – Pastor Robert Crain Revelation 14:1-11

Juan Uson, RN, the administrator of the Alaska-based Surgery Center of Wasilla received Regent Surgical Health's R.I.S.E. Administrator of the Year award.

Owners increasingly have questions about BIM for facility management. Each situation is different and takes a custom approach. For those ready to take advantage of all that BIM offers, our team has advice for getting started.

Ranger Joe's mission is to provide the world's finest combat gear and 100% customer satisfaction.

I think most people are only operating at a small percentage of full capacity. And I think most schools are only operating at a small percentage of full capacity. We're probably capable of so much more. Our schools are probably capable of so much more.
Sure, we're trying to make progress, but we're walking on three legs. We're trying to make things better, but we need to make ourselves better. Change you first.

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