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The morning after the death of Edward Rodgers, members of his church shared memories of the civil rights pioneer who spent nearly 60 years in Palm Beach

Says survivor of school massacre: 'I’m just glad that our voices are finally getting out there' with Thursday's release of 'Parkland: Inside

In case voters didn’t know, there’s such a thing as an “ugly ballot,” and that's what you'll be getting starting with early

Allegations of racism, socialist leanings and corrupt behavior – three claims that have loomed large in the Florida governor’s

Datin's New Album "Hell In The Hallway" Is Available Now!!!

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Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the theft of a wallet and subsequent use of credit cards in the wallet by a woman captured on surveillance video using the cards
The victim reported the theft of his wallet on March 13 th from the Marathon City Marina. He said he left the wallet in one of the shower stalls. And by the time he realized it, the wallet was gone. He had a total of 11 fraudulent charges on the card, all in the Marathon…

The best thing about these season preview columns — and it seems like we’ve written a billion of ‘em — is

With a new season upon us, Palm Beach’s revved-up real estate market has continued its year-long shift into higher gear, driven in no small part by

Heading into the 2018-19 season, elected officials cited high turnover among employees — especially police and firefighters — as

The Palm House hotel-condominium project has for four years stood unfinished and padlocked in the ocean block of Royal Poinciana Way in Palm Beach. But

Canada condemns the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed took place in its consulate in Istanbul.

The Palm Beach Police Department had a busy summer. Assaults, police chases, a multimillion-dollar extortion attempt — there was no shortage

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Yes, but only once and my guess is it’s pretty rare. Keep in mind, in the world of private investigation, a bribe would pretty much by definition have to be offered by someone we are (privately) investigating, i.e. the subject of our investigation. But before they could offer us a bribe, they would have to become aware of our investigation. The subject of an investigation normally only finds out we were…