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Education trends and how to implement creative learning within a primary school classroom | New trends in teaching

By Regina Fullin, Director of Compliance Consulting Services at Compliance Team, Inc
It was a bad inspection; the kind that keeps you awake at night. As you tossed and turned, feeling a vague heartburn, you think, "If only I had said this," or "If only I had that piece of evidence, things would have turned out better." Management was displeased at the inspection results. You are genuinely worried about your job and your career. You and your organization are receiving blame for the…

Teachers design and play a tabletop game created during a two-day PD introducing the Games for Change Student Challenge to Los Angeles teachers
At the start of the school year, 22 teachers from 19 LAUSD and affiliated charter schools met at Skylight Studios in Los Angeles to participate in a teacher training for the third annual Games for Change Student Challenge . They learned how to teach game design and coding skills with support from the Games for Change team and curriculum partner…

Disclaimer: Dynarex will make every effort to inform our customers of any changes made to a specific product, catalog copy or marketing collateral material. Dynarex cannot be held responsible for these changes. Dynarex reserves the right to make changes to the technical specs, dimensions, look or any other product change at any time without prior notice except as required by the US FDA Code of Federal…

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If you want good sales performance, then you need a quality business plan to drive that success. Top sales performers generally have different views than others. By taking a look at the fundamentals of a top sales performer, we can understand the concept of how they are able to beat their competition. You might just learn a thing or two about what you can do to beat your own competition
What to Do Differently
If you want to spike your sales and achieve…

Sr. Compliance/Validation Consultant
Companies who find themselves in the midst of an enforcement action (Warning Letter, Consent Decree or similar) are often operating in reaction mode.
The goal, from the perspective of the CEO is to address the audit findings as swiftly and comprehensively as possible so the company can return to profitability.

FDA’s Emerging Technologies Team (ETT) team chair Sau Lee describes the reasons for the team and its structure. FDA established an Emerging Technologies Team (ETT) in 2014, to optimize decisions about technologies that haven’t been widely used in the industry previously. The team can help companies considering the use of a new technology, and also …

Busy travel days and eating well don’t often mix. Sure, once you get to your destination you might well take a car service in Chicago to explore the...

Child labor, unethical promotion, manipulating uneducated mothers, pollution, price fixing and mislabeling - those are not words you want to see associated

Quest Academy Physical Education & Athletics
Parachute Fun with Quest Lemurs!
The Lemur Class had their first parachute PE class! Working together as a team they were able to make big waves, little waves, and even launch plastic balls into the air! This cooperative activity is great since all of the Lemurs must work together for all of the activities to be successful!

Week 3 is rolling by faster than I could have imagined!
We have already learned so much! I cannot wait to keep expanding on topics and to begin diving into new ones.
I am attaching some video links and photos below so you can get a peak into the classroom 🙂
la prenda – the pledge
con mi dedito – finger song
habia una vez- once upon a time (hand song)

Quest Academy Physical Education & Athletics
Preparing for the Quest Knights on the Run
Kindergarten through 5th Grade have been preparing for the 2nd Annual Quest Knights on the Run 4k! Each class has been recording how many laps they can complete in 2-5 minutes. The students are improving their endurance and stamina with their eye on the medal for the fastest lower school student at the 4k event! Today- September 13th is the Early Registration Deadline to guarantee a T-shirt during the…

Many people say it relieves a variety of health problems. Here's what you need to know.

Well let’s get on with it, shall we darling? (read this for a vague post about why i’ve been away) I can’t imagine a dish better suited to be my comeback kid than this one. I’ve been pretty veggie-loving recently. I find them so flavorful – those colorful roasted carrots or grilled zucchini – cauliflower...Read More »

We have discovered that an elderly widow, a member of our church, has significant home repair needs. Essentially, the main floor of her small ranch home in Palatine is collapsing, and will require not only floor repair, but foundation repair and possible mold removal. We are working with a local contractor (an Immanuel member) to make these repairs. However, there are other needs as well: all…

Cake or pie? Brownie or cookie … or brookie ? Gummies or chocolate? Milkshake or sundae? If your only answer to all those questions is simply “yes, please,” you’re in for a real treat with the latest confection craze to hit Chicago
“Freakshakes” (or, more appropriately, #freakshakes since they’re so very share-worthy) look like the brainchild of a sugar-high, unrestrained and indecisive kindergartener with a pretty…

S'mores are probably my favorite dessert. I love the idea of sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and combining the slightly burnt flavors with melty chocolate sandwiched between two tasty graham crackers. I didn't think

These days, virtually anything with an on/off switch can be connected to the internet. From cellphones to headphones to machines large and small, all of our devices can communicate with each other. Your alarm clock can let your coffee maker know when it's time to rise and perk. Add items to your "to do" list via your voice-activated digital assistant while getting ready for the day. Frequently forgetting to order ink for the printer? Why not let the printer do it for you…

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Hart Crane's reputation rests primarily on his extraordinary craftsmanship and sweeping vision. In The Bridge, Crane set out to write an American epic that unified past and present, East and West, myth and reality. Crane's poetic vision, based on views that alcoholic and sexual excesses were a way to achieve a perception of unity of all things, led to self-destructive behavior, and his short, turbulent life ended in suicide.

It’s been three years since the residents of Flint, Michigan began battling the water crisis that ultimately made the name "Flint" synonymous with "lead poisoning"; and today, they’re still dealing with the aftermath. Scores of children have been poisoned and at least twelve people have died of Legi...

From July 20th to 27th the Know Your Neighbor: Multifaith Encounters coalition will be sharing stories on various social media platforms to demonstrate the importance of “Knowing Your Neighbor.” Social media is a powerful tool in sharing ideas and beliefs and this summer and beyond we hope to use these platforms to help encourage understanding...

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