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BP Foundation Gives $50,000 to Support Victims of Hurricane Florence
HOUSTON – The BP Foundation has donated $50,000 to Samaritan’s Purse to provide emergency relief and aid to those impacted by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina and South Carolina. Samaritan’s Purse specializes in meeting critical needs for victims of conflict, disaster, famine, and epidemics around the world. The organization provides food, water, shelter, medicine, and other…

The most important thing you can do to encourage language and communication is talk to your child. From infant, to toddler, to preschooler and on up through the years, share what you are doing, seeing and feeling. Small talk is a great way to maximize language growth. Always use tone and emphasis, and be sure to respond to your child's attempts at sounds, words, sentences and conversation.

3 Ways to Get Creative With Lighting
In today’s day and age, choosing the right lighting for your space can be an overwhelming proposition. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are three out-of-the-box ideas you can—and should—put into play
Light unexpected spaces. There’s no need to settle for simple overhead lighting. Up ambiance and interest in a room by lighting a strip along the floor or beneath a kitchen counter. Place rope or strip lights along the edge of your staircase for…

​Learn how to manage diabetes to live longer and with a better quality of life than ever before.

The Gold Coast of Irondequoit. Mary Jane and Peter Davidson would often admire the neighborhood in their youth, hoping one day to live near the pristine waters of Lake Ontario in Irondequoit
That opportunity came in 1995 when they were able to purchase a small 1960s ranch-style home at 1020 Rock Beach Road for $390,000. The following year, the family added on to their homestead, creating a resort-style contemporary home with views of the lake for their family of five.
Now, after raising…

Enjoy the beauty of nature at the Wellness Walk on TriPoint Medical Center's campus this summer! The newly dedicated physician tribute garden offers quiet spots for reflection as well as beautiful greenery and a children’s playground. This garden, supported by the Lake County Medical Society and Lake Health Foundation, pays tribute to physicians who have worked at Lake Health and served our community for 25 years…

How BP’s Lower 48 Business Is Tackling the Methane Challenge
August 3, 2018
BP believes natural gas will play a key role in helping the world transition to a lower-carbon economy
For starters, gas can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions in the power sector. Indeed, the recent growth of natural gas in electricity generation — displacing other fossil fuels — is the main reason that America’s energy-related…

The headline numbers and highlights from BP's second quarter results for 2018

BHP today announced that it has entered into agreements for the sale of its entire interests in the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Permian and Fayetteville Onshore US oil and gas assets for a combined base consideration of US$10.8 billion, payable in cash.

Some parents may be concerned that their son takes interest in dolls, but experts think that playing with a doll can be beneficial for young boys.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) have benefitted from advances in processor technology and memory capacity, providing better motor control, simplified user interface and the ability to perform more complex applications. The capability of VFDs with embedded pump specific applications are now replacing PLCs in pumping applications with numerous advantages to the end users.

Introduction to basic servo and motion control technology concepts. Components of motion control and AC servos are discussed within the context of Yaskawa Si...

By Dr. Kyle Pruett • March 30th, 2010
Excerpt from Me, Myself and I
At first, it probably appears to the child that it is the toilet that’s being trained (hence the misnomer “toilet training”). After all, she is typically reasonably satisfied to fill her diaper and continue on about her business. It is parents who are so enthusiastic for her to move on to the pot in support of public health
The transition need not be Armageddon if parents remember that a…

Travel plans? These 21 tips can help you plan ahead for diabetes care so you can relax and enjoy the trip!

Help save the environment and—bonus!— reduce your household’s heating and cooling bills with these simple tips. Children can help with some of these, too, so be

Google recently announced it would bring enhanced offline support to 59 languages through its Translate app for iOS and Android.

CAPP report finds rising global energy demand is a significant opportunity for Canada, if we address competitiveness challenges.

Buffalo, New York (June 1st, 2018) – In January, Barristers Title announced its expansion of title, insurance and abstract services to Rochester, New York. Beginning June 1, the same services will be offered in the Buffalo, New York market as well. Barristers has the backing of the third largest...

Benefiting My Sister’s Place Women’s Center May 16, 2018 – Boumi Shriners Temple Baltimore Snap Featured Event Every day of the year, since 1982,...

Ideas and resources for having a royal tea party with kids - even babies; food preparations, items used for the tea party, grace and courtesy lessons emphasized

What should parents look for in a preschool or pre-K program for their child? A new book and this article helps explore a few important issues.