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Home fires are the single most common disaster that the American Red Cross responds to across the country and heating fires are the second leading cause of these home fires.

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon is Toledo, Ohio's premier road running race. A flat, fast, first-timer & PR friendly, & popular Boston Marathon qualifier.

FX has renewed “American Horror Story” for two more seasons — in addition to the already-picked-up seventh season — taking the anthology series through a ninth season. The a…

“The Incredibles 2” will hit theaters a year before it was originally slated, while “Toy Story 4” will move from 2018 to 2019, Pixar said Wednesday. The two animated films w…

A Bruegel working paper looks at the impact of China's Belt and Road initiative on European trade.

A new report from BMI Research has identified the countries that are set to become new drivers of economic growth over the next 10 years.

You’re reading more and more lately about the impact data will have on future advertising and visual communications, and here’s a small ad campaign, now running in New York, that shows some of the possibilities
Those LinkNYC interactive information stations that are popping up around Manhattan and the boroughs, replacing phone booths, are there to provide WiFi and information to New Yorkers – paid for by…

Star Wars season is definitely upon us. No matter where you turn, you can't go a day without being bombarded by merchandising and co-branding advertisements that attempt to draw a parallel between some character from a galaxy far, far away and a galactic cruiser like the Dodge Viper, or a midichlorian-laden power source like Duracell. Yep, it's kind of annoying, but at least we can get some fun out of it here and there. Google, being an advertising company at heart, has definitely…

Dip your toes into the waters of sharktastic silliness with us. But stay alert, as you may just learn something you can use from the Red Cross!

Learn how to prepared for blizzards and winter storms at home and on the road with tips on how to build an emergency kit, frozen pipes and power outage safety.

This article presents a collection of tools, tips and tricks that will make your standard workflow as fast and practical as possible, so that you have more time for the exciting parts of the project.

Please send me the 2016 Ohio Travel Guide, the annual guide to discovering Ohio’s multitude of tourism experiences.

Emotionally recovering from a disaster can be difficult. Your local Red Cross can give you information about how to cope with disaster and trauma.

The Red Cross in Greater New York in New York City helps a community of 8.2 million people prepare for and respond to disasters. We serve Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens & Richmond counties around the NYC area.