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This African-American History Month, we're honoring Frances Reed Elliott Davis, who helped the American Red Cross become the organization that it is today.

Meet Malinda Johnston, a Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces volunteer and military spouse who descends from the Santee Sioux tribes.

This October the Cartoonists Draw Blood have partnered with the American Red Cross again to host a blood drive in Washington, D.C.

The shortcomings of GDP, as a measure of what we want from an economy, are not a new discovery. But what are the alternatives?

What is high blood pressure or hypertension? The American Heart Association provides information on high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and how to monitor, treat and prevent high blood pressure.

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Have you exhausted your creative resources to find the perfect gift for your parent? Stumped on what to get your niece that you only see twice a year?

MIT have embedded spinach leaves with carbon nanotubes - allowing them to detect explosives.

We sat down with Norma Gamero and her daughter Giselle to learn more about the impact of the program and why it’s important to them.

Linda Buser and her husband, Steve, are handing out hundreds of meals a day to people in need in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Red Cross Photo
Latonya Knight, a Red Cross client caseworker, says volunteering is her passion as she holds an infant from Louisiana. Red Cross photo by Marko Kokic
More than 2,900 Red Cross disaster volunteers are on the ground in Louisiana, helping the thousands of people impacted by the flooding. Red Cross Photo
Almost 100 Red Cross emergency response…

Aromatherapy can help remedy a broad range of negative emotions often experienced by those with memory loss.

The American Red Cross takes action to provide support for communities in need around the world. Learn more about our international services for communities in need.

Choosing a heart-healthy lifestyle can help protect your brain as you age, research suggests. And it's not just memory skills that benefit. Problem-solving abilities and judgment are preserved, too.

Scientists have shown that viewing your brain activity can help you control your motivation.

The American Red Cross is one of 190 Red Cross and Red Crescent societies that work together to relieve suffering and advance the cause of international humanitarian law—a set of rules that seeks to limit the effects of armed conflict.

Home fires claim more lives in an average year than all major natural disasters combined. Let's change that with 2Steps2Minutes.

Because diabetes is among the most common conditions for which pharmacies will dispense medications, a number of pharmacy technicians seek to better understand the disease.

Red Cross is helping people all along the East Coast after this weekend’s monstrous snow storm that impacted millions of people across multiple states.

At Trilogy, we don’t just provide senior care, we provide great experiences for seniors. We take quality of life to mean actually living life to its fullest and our programs are designed to help seniors do just that.

The American Red Cross urges students to exercise caution while traveling in holiday traffic. With winter approaching, it is important to put safety first and check the weather along the route and plan travel around any impending storms.

Ernest Hemingway joined the service as a Red Cross second lieutenant and at the time was lauded by newspapers as one of the first Americans wounded in Italy.

After losing his childhood home in a house fire at the age of 15, singer/songwriter Dakota Bradley has a personal connection to those who know all too well what the fire takes from people.

Superfast computers built on the bizarre principles of quantum physics are coming, and when they finally get here, they’re going to change everything.
Eric Ladizinsky, cofounder of the qu...