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Home fires are the nation’s most frequent disaster—sadly, taking an average of seven lives every day. But you can prevent these tragedies by taking two simple steps: create and practice a fire escape plan, and install and maintain smoke alarms in your home.

Since 2001, the American Red Cross and our partners in the Measles & Rubella Initiative have vaccinated children all over the globe—helping prevent 21.1 million measles-related deaths.

Meet Malinda Johnston, a Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces volunteer and military spouse who descends from the Santee Sioux tribes.

This October the Cartoonists Draw Blood have partnered with the American Red Cross again to host a blood drive in Washington, D.C.

The profits from the crop have benefited the local community, through investment in schools and healthcare.

Increases in deaths by suicide and drug overdose are playing a part in America's declining life expectancy. We must stop treating mental health as separate from physical health.

Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and Justin Trudeau have all warned of the consequences if we fail to provide education for all.

Play the 2018 Pigskin Picks High School Contest with weekly prizes awarded.
Check back here for top contestants results each week beginning Week 4.
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JENNINGS — Another Fort Fest is over and Fort Jennings Mayor Jim Smith
and council members praised the Park Board and the Fort Fest Committee
for a v

COUNTY — The morning began at Julia’s Barn, a recently launched event
space located along (and a pleasant ways back from) St. Rte. 15, just

This year’s International Day of Happiness stresses the need to “share happiness”. But how?

When faith or identity are used to sell services and goods, it can either promote diversity or increase differences. That's why inclusiveness is key.

The workers get help with paperwork and integrating into Spanish life, while customers get an insight into what it's like to arrive penniless in a foreign land.

A new campaign suggests ways to cut pollution, animal suffering and unfair trade from our diets. It's easier than you think.

An amendment to the French Agriculture Bill prohibits any product that is largely based on non-animal ingredients from being labelled like a traditional animal product.

These are the innovations that could make global trade more efficient, more inclusive, and less costly.

Phyllis Deane argued in the 1940s that the measure was flawed because it didn't include unpaid household labour.

Mini-grids are a decentralized and renewable solution, generating and distributing power at the point of consumption.

The project In the Eyes of an Animal was designed to get us back in touch with nature.

Designed by Japanese scientists, the robot can fire several jets of water at once.

Sleep deprivation can lead the brain to produce more of the Alzheimer’s-linked protein amyloid beta.

Watch the trailer for A New Leash On Life: The K9s For Warriors Story now and signup to watch the live online premiere of the movie when it's released.