Business in Princeton-Silver Star - Orlando, FL

Honing your talents, taking the perfect headshot, and acing auditions are
all critical factors in determining whether or not you get the part; but
did you know that your schoolwork could be just as important?

"Etiquette would not seem to play an important part in business, and yet noman can ever tell when its knowledge may be of advantage, or its lack mayturn the scale against him."-- Emily Post, 1922
Much has changed in business since 1922, but etiquette remains just asrelevant today. And knowing the business culture of the country you arelooking to do business with is even more important. This lunch and learn is Wednesday, June 5th from 12:00pm to 1:30pm, and costs $10 (lunch included)…

You might be in a phase of life where you're not entirely sure what you want things to look like in the future. What kind of job do you see yourself in long-term? Do you want to live in the city or in a quieter area? Do you want kids someday? While…

Just tune into any news channel and you’ll see that it’s a challenging
world out there for responsible people of modest means. And while many
might think famous Hollywood-types have it all, life isn’t always rosy for
successful child actors. The pressures and demands of work, parents,

Daily Pulse: Evolution of Florida citrus growers: What it takes to stay in the embattled industry

Prolifics-testing have been accredited by the BCS to run the Foundation Certificate since 2002 and we are proud of our consistently excellent results. So far in 2017, our delegates have achieved an average exam result of 83% against a pass mark of 65%. In fact, 82% of our delegates passed the exam so far this year (ISTQB published global average is 75%).

58 years ago, in the issue of January 25th 1962, Electronics Weekly reported on a survey of transistor availability in the UK. The survey concludes: One fi

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a ligament in the knee that is important for stability. When you tear it, you can use your kneecap or hamstring tendons to make a new ligament, or use a graft from a cadaver.

A new 3-D explosives detection scanner is coming to Miami International Airport. MIA is one of 18 airports testing the new TSA technology.

Memorial Day, which honors those who died during combat, can trigger PTSD in many veterans. Here are the signs to look for and people to call if you or a loved one need help.

As climate change carries increasingly varied challenges of both too little and too much water, cities and utilities are renewing their focus on reuse s...

Tomorrow x Together, Plaza Live, May 14 To those uninitiated in the manic pop thrills of K-Pop, the Tomorrow X Together (TXT to their fans)...

Most of the attention at WDW has been on the new additions coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, but Epcot is also...