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From viral memes to sold out merch, the established actor is becoming a pop culture icon for young people.

It's perfect for lifting a bowl of salad greens or waking up grains, beans, and vegetables.

When posting a job publicly (on Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.) it is common for there to be dozens, and sometimes hundreds of applications for a single opening. I can only assume that the most popular brands / companies like Google & Apple would receive 1,000 or more for a single opening
It’s a simple math equation, really, where the numbers will never favor the individual applicant. Making matters worse, more often than not the applicants are left frustrated due to a lack of feedback…

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See more of Laura Scott's designs for S&W Kitchens.

Daily Pulse: Financial services sector bolsters Florida's economic growth in June

Like so many chip companies, Inmos got founded in a bar. Iann Barron, co-founder of Inmos recalls in The Inmos Saga how he first met co-founder Dick Petrit

Draft City (Level 49): Fresh from the tap is one of the best ways to enjoy a beer. Just try to use a glass and not drink directly from the tap, as tempting as it may be. That's 245 checkins with the serving style of Draft. Try 5 more for Level 50!

The star of the '60s Batman series will make an appearance in the upcoming Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

A small trial testing a new kind of treatment for Alzheimer’s that blocks the toxins of P. gingivalis bacteria has had some encouraging preliminary results