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Make an appointment with a FOOT AND ANKLE ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON if you experience any of the following: Pain that persists for more than 72 hours or that increases with walking Pain after an ankle sprain “Clicking,” “locking” or “catching” in the ankle High-arched feet or flatfeet that become painful Arthritis in the foot or ankle after an old injury Achilles tendon injury Ankle or foot fracture Deformity of the foot or ankle Curling of one or multiple toes Painless ulcers or blisters on…

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In the dynamic world of concrete construction, Baker’s vitality lies in our ability to enlist, develop and retain highly-qualified individuals.
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The Florida Ignition Interlock program isn't required for all offenders, but there are positives for those offenders who must take part after a drunk driving conviction.

Contact Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery at (866) 400-3376 to set up a consult with a cosmetic dermatologist near you.

According to the Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety, Wisconsin OWI offenders are skipping out on or tampering with their ignition interlocks. That's why they would like to create a monitoring program.

Take the first step towards understanding your joint pain as Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic surgeon Kenneth Krumins, MD answers your questions and discusses: Arth...

Massey Services promotes sustainable lawn and landscape practices in our communities and offers the following water and lake friendly landscape tips for homeowners:

California drunk driving and distracted driving are at a high, and that means the state was able to jump from the second spot to first place for QuoteWizard's Worst Drivers in America.

Jewett Orthopaedic is pleased to offer state of the art facility in Lady Lake. We are honored to provide Lady Lake & surrounding communities like the Village...

Take the first step towards understanding & learn about your orthopaedic problem(s) with Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic Lunch & Learn in the Villages. Jewett Orth...

Call (866) 400-3376 or browse our website for more information about our skin care services, which include dermal fillers.

See what patients have to say about their experience with our total joint program at Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic. Meet Thomas, a patient of Dr. Sean McFadden, ...

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Cavities: Portrait of an Enamel Assassin
One primary purpose of a dental appointment is checking for cavities. To learn exactly how they form, read on
Cavities—also known as dental caries or simply tooth decay—form as the direct result of two interplaying factors: food and bacteria. As soon as 20 minutes after a meal, more than 500 types of bacteria begin to feast on any refined sugar or starch they can find, producing a potent acid as a byproduct. Tooth…

What's the difference between a Texas DUI and a DWI? The two are not the same, and for both the conditions that must be met for you to be charged are different.

A smart toilet, laser tag, and a scent DJ show up at the Consumer Electronics Show.

James is back to playing golf and doing the things he loves thanks to his recent microdiscectomy surgery with Orlando Orthopaedic Center's Stephen R. Goll, M...

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Fish from different regions often exhibit different colors and health.
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The new Utah drunk driving law, changing the BAC to .05, is being recognized with the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

Espita Mezcaleria’s Megan Barnes on why tequila’s cousin is taking over the cocktail scene.

Here is all you need to know about Popeye’s Ghost Pepper Wings, which has returned to its menu for a limited time: I previously thought KFC was best-in-class in the fast food hot wings category. Not anymore. Popeye’s is our new leader.

Massey Services shares some interesting pest facts in observance of National Trivia Day.