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Mississippi’s Exiled Daughter is the riveting story of how the Civil Rights Movement first came to McComb, Mississippi, one of the most violent and segregated towns in a violent, segregated State. The central character in this story is Brenda Travis, whose birth in 1945 foreshadowed a life of “exile” both for her and her family. Join Ms. Travis and co-author John Obee in Ann Arbor as they discuss their new book.

2X (Level 41): When a single isn’t enough, make it a double. Doubling the hops and malts in a recipe results in a higher ABV and can pack quite a boozey punch. That's 205 different beers with the style that contains Imperial / Double in its style name. Try 5 more for Level 42!

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic is proud to partner on and off the court with the Orlando Magic for 30 years. To mark this momentous partnership & anniversary, the...

The “2018 Cost of Insider Threats: Global” study, released earlier this year by the Ponemon Institute, examined direct and indirect costs resulting from insider cyber threats.

More than 66 million people in the US speak a ‘foreign’ language at home, the Center For Immigration Studies has discovered, and almost half of the residents in its five largest cities don’t speak English with their families.

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Dr. Kumar specialize in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, and EMG/NCV Testing. Treatment with non-surgical options & techniques.

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Richard Konsens shares three tips — stretching, icing and medical care — to help adults over 50 prevent and treat joint

Our Newest Wifi Camera! Unit will need to be plugged into an outlet and requires wifi through a modem or router. Website: Instagra...

If you are not yet familiar with the term Social shopping, get ready to hear a lot about it. The new trend is quickly spreading around the globe, and in China, it has already become a lifestyle. China is at the moment the country with the highest rate of e-commerce shoppers and Social shopping is thought to continue increasing. There is no doubt that the Chinese are in love with online shopping. However, social shopping has taken the buying experience to a different…

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Tell Alabama DA: Drop the charges against Jacqueline Dixon
UPDATE: Jacqueline is currently out of jail, but the charges still remain and District Attorney Michael Jackson will likely send it to a grand jury
"Stand Your Ground" laws prove once again that they do not protect Black people. In Alabama, a young 38-year old Black woman Jacqueline Dixon was arrested and charged with murder for killing her husband Carl Omar Dixon on the morning of July 31st after an argument in which her…

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) electronic injury reporting rule entered a new chapter recently when on July 30 OSHA opened a rulemaking intended to remove many of the Obama-era requirements employers found objectionable.

Equity Prime Mortgage is one of the fastest growing lenders in the US. We are proud to be lending in 45 states across the country.

Anyone who has watched the news over the past couple of days can see that folks in North Carolina, South Carolina, and elsewhere in the areas affected by Hur...

Growing numbers of even long-time New York City-based companies are joining this one to find similar equally attractive conditions in South Florida (and better weather too).

Join the City of Palm Coast and Florida Hospital Flagler in the fight against breast cancer at the Pink Army 5K kickoff during the next ...

How to distinguish among the many different types of weatherstripping lining shelves at the hardware store

Jewett Orthopaedic is proud to welcome Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, and EMG/NCV Specialist, Dr. Vivek Kumar, to its team of experts.

Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer 27394-000-6
Equity Prime Mortgage LLC is a direct lender with branches around the country that are dedicated to bringing you access to the most diverse array of home lending products available in the industry. Unlike many lenders, Equity Prime is not limited to working with only one type of borrower, which means that people of all financial and credit profiles receive the same… provides ACH payments processing, automates your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

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Damages from Florence are still too early to assess but indications are that it will less impact on commercial real estate than some previous hurricanes.

Summary In the context of the brick house motif, I am referring to the durable components of today’s REIT du jour. You can “huff and you can puff, but you can’t blow this REIT down”. Since my last article published on April 18, Brixmor has returned in excess of 20%, and is on pace to …

Six of our favorite front-yard transformations reveal the power of paint, plantings, and facade face-lifts