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Teach Your Dog to Search For and Find Hidden Scents
Does your dog like to sniff everything, all the time? Then this will be a superbly FUN class for both of you that involves your dog’s amazing sense of smell! We introduce a scent to your dog and then pair it with reinforcement. Second, we teach the dog to find that scent despite distractions. Lastly, we teach the dog to seek and find the scent that has been hidden!
Whether you just want…

Welcome to our DIY News Digest. The focus of the Digest is all things DIY: gardening, painting, home repair, cooking, tools, remodeling and more. Articles an... by Cole Hardware

A step-forward has been made with retinal implants, based on computer simulations of electrical charges. These are based on fractal geometry and the process has been developed at the University of Oregon.

3338 Freeman Rd Contact Clark Thompson for more information. Village Associates Real Estate (925) 998-7898 From the moment you approach this handsome farmhou...

Are you prepared for your parents’ care as they age? Read on for tips on living arrangements and other decisions to make their lives easier.

It’s final, you’ve signed the mountains of papers and the home is finally yours. You’ve been daydreaming about paint schemes, decor, and new furniture. However, before you start to move in and get to the fun stuff, there are a few basics you should take care of while you still have a clean slate. 1. Change the locks Even if the previous owner left you 6 keys and promised you that the locks had been changed,... Read more

Employee analytics is based on the philosophy that mission-driven companies with a clear vision and a shared set of values perform best. Likewise, employees who have a purpose and feel valued are much more likely to be happier and perform better. So

Primary Care Optometry News | Emerging imaging technologies are improving evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients with diabetes and leading to earlier detection.These next-level technologies fall into three buckets: high-resolution, expanded field fundus photography; OCT angiography; and widefield imaging.

Variety is the spice of life. Choose from Market Hall Foods Gift Baskets and Boxes to suit every taste and occasion—from tempting snack boxes for the office to Mariage Frères gift sets for the avid tea drinker to our bestselling Taste of Market Hall gift basket—or dream up your own custom gift baskets. Mix it up!

Dear Reader
Halloween is over which means Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's are coming up fast. It's good to step away from the hurtling end of the year and read a good book. Hopefully, this newsletter helps to move you in that direction.
It's also a good time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays -- and books make great gifts! We, of course, have more books than just YA, from kids books to art books, science books to history books,…

Innovation is an anchor that keeps modern businesses afloat, propels growth and shields them from future risk, but its success largely depends on having a solid plan in place that includes the following.

Anxiety disorders are found in children much more often than many people realize; ten to twenty percent of all children will suffer the symptoms of a full-fledged anxiety disorder prior to the age of 18, making this the most common mental health issue in young people.

Learning theory is a rich field at the intersection of statistics, probability, computer science, and optimization. Over the last decades the statistical learning approach has been successfully applied to many problems of great interest, such as bioinformatics, computer vision, speech processing, robotics, and information retrieval. These impressive successes relied crucially on the mathematical foundation of statistical learning. Recently, deep neural networks have demonstrated stunning empirical results…

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New York Times best selling author W. Bruce Cameron will be joining us for lunch on Tuesday, November 6
He'll present his latest book SHELBY’S STORY, an uplifting and utterly heartwarming puppy tale that’s perfect for the entire family. It includes charming illustrations by Richard Cowdrey as well as a reading and activity guide. Everyone truly will fall in love with Shelby from the very first…

Trip-or-Treat. Don’t worry, the plump princess was just fine. Baby hippo Fiona slips into the water while devouring her Halloween Day pumpkin. Subscribe: htt...

Medium Weight - Year-Round Warmth 550 Fill Power Down 400 Thread Count, Down Proof 100% Cotton Sateen Shell Sewn-Through Construction - Down Won't Shift Hypo-allergenic You'll keep hitting the snooze button when you're tucked under this comforter. Fluffy medium weight warmth is great for year round comfort, for most s

Amblyopia (also known as lazy eye) is one of the most common eye conditions among children, affecting an estimated 2 or 3 individuals out of 100, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A 9-year-old boy in Greece permanently injured his left eye when he repeatedly gazed into a laser pointer's green beam, doctors say.

Once again, Mrs. Dalloway's will reimburse all partnership schools for 20%&am..

Besides its well-known fitness benefits, stair climbing may also help keep blood vessels and the brain healthy and reduce diabetes risk.

Is there a more evil number than Belphegor's Prime... Don't miss the extra footage on Numberphile2: youtu.be/9CcI5M1LfRs More links & stuff in full d...

The region has, accordingly, adjusted to accommodate the mistral's impact. Some houses are built the traditional way, with few or no windows on the windward side and the main entrance on the sheltered side. Heavy stones hold down terra-cotta roof tiles. Rows of trees lining fields create windbreaks to shield crops
Cobb spent years chasing this capricious wind, challenging herself to photograph the invisible. As she…

Halloween is a uniquely American holiday, and Catholics understandably approach its traditions with mixed emotions. However, one may not realize that the ori...

The 2019 National Math Festival takes place on Saturday, May 4th in Washington, DC and at science museums around the U.S. Learn more about this free, all-ages event: www.nationalmathfestival.org