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Yasuko Fujii is an 80-year-old grandmother, mother, and now a San Diego State graduate. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in social sciences in December but participated in the commencement ceremony...

Dorismae Weber,90, will walk at UNR's graduation, 45 years after graduating and after a life as a trailblazer including as part of "League of Their Own" team

Studies show that pets can increase people's lifespans. But for some older populations, having a pet isn't possible. Perhaps they can't care for an animal or their retirement community doesn't allow it. Robotic companions have entered the market to fill that void, and one University of Cincinnati professor is reimagining these high-tech pets to not only provide companionship, but care.

As the average lifespan increases, more Americans find themselves facing the risk of outliving their retirement savings.

Mary had been living independently for several years after her husband died. One Sunday morning, she leaned down in the dining room to pick up a leaf and los...

Just a few minutes of playing a certain video gamecould help identify the earliest stages of Alzheimer's in ways existing medical tests can't, researchers have found.

Calypso Rose is living proof that you're never too old to play Coachella.
Rose, 78, made history this year as the music festival's oldest performer in its history as well as its first calypsonian booked for a full set.
Her Tobagonian vibes wowed the young crowd at her 45-minute performance last weekend. Before she takes the stage again this Friday, here's what you should know about the star.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kendall Peek. Kendall, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. I went through cosmetology school during my senior year of high school. I walked with my senior class in May of ‘05, and by …

People have been using the same old retirement advice for ages, but as the times evolve so should your savings strategy. Here are five outdated tips.

Caring for elderly parents doesn’t need to be complex. Follow these 12 easy steps to make life easier for your aging parents today.

Be creative when seeking potential options if you are feeling behind with your retirement savings. Some of these ideas are a little more painful than others. Get started saving as soon as possible even if you may not be on track to meet your desired retirement income goals.

When you think of embracing new technology, younger generations may come to mind, but there are a growing number of ways that tech can help the elderly. Here are some gadgets to help seniors maintain their independence.

If you've hit a wall in your career, get outside of your company and into the networking scene around you.

AN 81-year-old woman is ‘the happiest person alive’ after finding her mother following a search which spanned over 60 years. Eileen Macken, who grew up in Kirwan House orphanage on the …

Long-distance caregiving requires more than weekly phone calls and occasional visits. Here are the first steps to take when becoming a long-distance caregiver.

A 100-year-old bachelor finally found true love when he married his 96-year-old girlfriend in their nursing home, in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Turners year long ambition has finally come to pass and he wasn’t going to let his age or even the rain keep him from completing his bold and crazy dream.

(HealthDay)—Many people rely on chicken noodle soup to soothe a cold, but few know exactly why the warm broth brings relief.

We spend most of our working lives putting money into our retirement accounts (hopefully), but what happens when we retire? How do we turn that nest egg into income that will last at least as long as we do?

There are a lot of salon models out there to choose from. And there's a perfect home for everyone. Maybe you feel more comfortable in a traditional salon environment as a commission based employee. Or maybe you are ready to carve your own path as an independent salon owner and take your future into your own hands. Over 11,000 stylists have discovered the Sola difference and have taken the next step towards creating a business they can call their own. But why Sola…

HOLLAND, Mich.--A man in Holland is doing something a little different for his birthday this year.
Larry Erlandson plans on running 70 miles in celebration of the big day.
He's calling it his 70 at 70 fun run, and he plans to knock out the 70 mile run in one day all while helping raise some cash for Michigan athletes.

As part of National Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver Awareness Month, Brookdale is helping other caregivers find the same relief with respite care.

It’s true: 200,000 miles is the new 100,000 miles. Learn the secrets to keeping your car running smoothly.