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Here is a retirement checklist that provides a list of things you must do to financially prepare for retirement.

Tools that can help older adults are already mass-market consumer items, like Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa. Other inventions, such as virtual reality technologies and robotic limbs, are still in their early days.

Did you know that April is National Car Care Month? Help keep your car in good condition by checking out our roundup of car care tips.

While most rental agreements include a landlord who takes care of your major maintenance worries, there are a few things you can do to keep service calls to a minimum and protect your security deposit in the long run.

Social media is a crowded place. Learn how to create content that stands out, tells a compelling story and captivates your followers in a way that's unique to you!

Witnesses play a critical role in helping victims and assisting law enforcement, claims adjusters and more.

Sadly, this most joyful time of year can also be a popular time for online criminals to defraud hardworking consumers. And if you think there’s no way you’d ever fall for an online scam, consider this: Phishing has been around almost as long as the Internet, and there’s a reason the technique continues to be successful! Here’s what you need to know to detect a phishing scam before it’s too late.

Kim Bennett Horvath loves working behind the chair. For her, making clients feel beautiful is a magical and powerful experience. Kim decided that it was time to tap the power of technology to manage her business and continue perfecting her clients’ experiences. However, she didn’t want just any business management solution. Here’s what Sola Stylist Kim Horvath’s business was missing for 20 years while using pen and paper.

The United Methodist Council of Bishops will move its 2018 May meeting from Manila, Philippines, for security reasons.

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Larry Buxton says an effective sermon speaks to people’s real needs, challenges them, shares Jesus, and proclaims that God is at work in our lives.

Friday, January 1, 2011
Guest Writer for this Unit: Mark Jefferson. Mark is a first-year PhD student at Emory University in Atlanta, GA
The unit you are viewing, Emancipation Proclamation Day and Juneteenth, is a compact unit. This means that it does not have a supporting cultural resource unit and worship unit. Instead, to enliven the imagination of preachers and teachers, we have provided scriptural text(s)…

Expressing its deep disappointment at US withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Agreement the WCC has urged renewed commitment by churches and praised local communities and governments for their reaffirmation of climate commitments.

During the temperance movement, there was an argument that somehow the wine in the Gospels was miraculously non-alcoholic, but is there evidence in the biblical text to support that argument?

Following an open editorial by a range of faith leaders and partners published on 22 May, the World Council of Churches now shares a video message of faith l...