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Christmas Playlist: Four Songs that bring you to the heart of Christmas [Alistair Begg] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Christmas is a great time to give a non-Christian friend or church visitor a short book getting to the heart of what it's truly all about. This is perfect for giving out at church events

Lowering your blood pressure is just one of their therapeutic qualities, studies have shown.

With many people spending the majority of their time in an office, designers are looking to find ways to make work environments more spatially and mentally appealing.

As World Water Week gets underway, here are some of the most pertinent facts and figures about our most precious resource.

This episode is for the After phase (P4) of your HCG Diet Journey. What is your Line In The Sand Weight? And when should you define it? How should you define it? Do you do it Before, During or After your HCG Diet Journey? You’ve gotta have one, you know. ‘Else how will you keep from regaining the weight, the fat and inches you worked so hard to shed? Look Job #1 for you, once you’ve lost the weight, is …

Six in 10 women worldwide are intentionally killed by someone they know, often an intimate partner or family member. And the numbers aren’t improving.

Want to know if the HCG you just spent your hard-earned money on is any good? Want to know if the HCG actually has any HCG in it at all? Better yet, would you like to know before you buy it? Sure ya would! And we’re going to go over that in today’s episode… Be sure and check out this week’s new “Facebook Interventions” segment. , I take on a woman who has the honor of being on the …