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The influence of Marxism has fallen significantly from its high in the 20th century.

Fake commercial from the show "The break with Michelle Wolf" (Netflix). Link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Break_with_Michelle_Wolf

A new Ukrainian homebuilding startup called PassivDom uses a 3D printing robot that can print parts for tiny houses.

So many people tell me that the hardest part of going to an event is leaving it. The reason why is because when you return to your everyday life, that’s when the real work begins... the work being the process of integrating your new personality into your old past-present personal reality. With that said, here

You're not still using Braggs Amino Acids to cook with during Phases 2 and 3 of your HCG Diet Journey? May want to quit doing that until you take a gander at today's episode.

The journey through our teenage years can be a difficult and turbulent time. But in the Netherlands teens are buoyed by a number of factors, including engaged families and a supportive education system.

It’s a star-studded lineup this week as Cher, Sly Stallone and PacMan all pop in to weigh in on a BIG problem: The unintended consequences of too many rounds on the HCG Diet. In case you haven’t noticed, the yo-yo HCG Dieter have taken over! You’ve seen them doing 4-10 rounds on HCG and bragging about it! Oy Vey! Pinheads doesn’t even begin to cover it, does it? But you don’t see them bragging about how they still …

It's risen by trillions of dollars since the 2008 financial crisis.

The world's 50 best restaurants for 2018 have been named in Bilbao, Spain. So where's the No. 1 place to dine? Hint: It's a restaurant in southern Europe.

Johnny Irion's family is rich in writing and music. His great uncle is John Steinbeck and his wife and collaborator is Arlo Guthrie's daughter. He talks with Scott Simon about his new album.