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Pray with us for ministries reaching people for Jesus Christ in the region.

Amazon.com: Night Owl [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]: John Leguizamo, James Raftery, Holly Woodlawn, Lisa Napoli, David Roya, Karen Wexler, Michael Musto, Jeffrey Arsenault: Movies & TV

Renovating your bathroom? Learn more about how to plan ahead so that you can enjoy your new space and add value to your home.

Out of 32 advanced and emerging market economies, Dublin and Shanghai came top for house price gains.

Single-use man-made items like plastic bottles and disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to break down in the ocean. But governments are starting to fight back against global plastic pollution.

Renovating your home doesn't have to be a hassle. Here are four tips for renovating your home that save both time and money.

But the average value of transactions per customer is higher in countries like the US, UK and Israel.

More educated and older on average, here are some of the ways American mothers have changed over the recent decades.

Automation has transformed an Icelandic farm - benefiting both the animals and farmer.

Two technologies vital to the transition to a low-carbon future have tumbled in price in the past year, opening the way for wind and solar power to dominate global electricity supply by the middle of the century.

Roughly 1 in 10 adults with household incomes below $30,000 a year don’t own a smartphone.

French President Emmanuel Macron lays out his vision to preserve the EU's global power status.

The promise of more speed and greater capacity defines development in tech. Quantum computing and 5G mobile are two new paradigms that promise to deliver both.

ASEAN member states are among the world’s biggest sources of ocean plastic. Here are some practical ways to stem the rising tide of pollution.

Despite growing availability and lower costs of renewable energy sources, the demand for fossil fuels is still as intense as ever.

Wish your financial tasks took less time? Take a look at the benefits of online and mobile banking.

Employers increasingly rely on algorithms to hire new staff, but these systems can replicate the biases of the humans who developed them.

London wants to support nature using similar principles to the world's national parks, promoting green space as vital to health, pleasure and conservation. Because nature is a “need to have”, not a “nice to have”, according to the National Park City Foundation.

As a result of human activity, one million species of animal and plant species could disappear in the next few decades - the most that have ever been at risk in human history.

It's the fourth most common form of social discrimination amongst adults – after age, gender and race.

Almost a quarter of global land area is now under light polluted skies, and a third of humanity can no longer see the Milky Way.

Researchers believe that it’s better to think about older people not in terms of their chronological ages, but in terms of their remaining life expectancy.

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Central banks may not have the tools to act decisively in the case of another downturn, argues Kenneth Rogoff.

Research shows that people's opinion of democracy is closely linked to their current views on the economic outlook in their country.