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Searching for a new look? Upload a photo or use your webcam to test out eyeglass styles from your computer.

On Friday evening, join Tamron at the Legacy store location for an informative demo, speak with Tamron's Technical Rep, Armando Flores. Visit with Tamron Sales Rep, Mike Pazandak about the full line of Tamron lenses.
On Saturday, enjoy an exclusive hands-on Wildlife photographic opportunity at Lee G. Simmons Conservation & Wildlife Safari Park. You'll have the opportunity to try different Tamron lenses while learning about setting up for the image and which lenses to use.

We know that cataracts can cause vision loss and blindness in the elderly. But kids and infants are at risk of contracting cataracts as well.

Contemporary garden design is big now and there are people the world over implementing their own style. It

After a weeklong camp, practicing in the summer swelter through the day into the evening, the Cornhusker Marching Band will hold its annual exhibition performance at 7 p.m. Aug. 17 in Memorial Stadium. More than 375 students auditioned to be part of the band this season, with 300 making the cut.

How to pick sunglasses that will offer your eyes the best protection from UV rays.

Tom Osborne thinks Nebraska's hiring of Scott Frost saved the school's streak of 361 home sellouts, saying Frost's arrival as coach has "lifted the mood of the entire state."

I've almost been in my home for one year and it was time to give my favorite small space a decor update! I'm sharing how I revamped my office with Gordmans.

Bud Light will be ready with free beer in Cleveland for the Browns' first win in 2018. Special fridges throughout the area will be unlocked automatically as soon as they win.

A tripod can be used the right way, or the wrong way. Here are 10 things to DO and stop doing in order to master your tripod.

Riddle's Jewelry, your local jewelry store with Men's and Women's Watches, Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings, Necklaces, Earrings and more!

The Leica RTC360 is a mid-sized scanner that offers a fast, agile and simple solution that allows professionals to collect data and transform it into reality models.

Looking at some SAS code that was working very hard to figure out what directory to use for default output I was reminded of a macro that Tom Hoffman created for me almost 20 years ago that I still use all of the time. So I have posted a version of it on github The idea is simple. Crea...

In a previous post on SAS Data Studio, I showed how you could use the Code transform to create a Unique Identifier and Cluster records. SAS Data Studio 2.2 which is powered by SAS Viya 3.4, now has built-in transforms to perform these functions and you no longer need to write your own code. In th...

A message to college professors cites Buffett's upcoming 88th birthday and a decision to cut back speaking his engagements, "especially commitments many months into the future."

Several weeks ago, I wrote about practical advice from a Chief Data Scientist in my blog “From Aristotle to Pi: Practical advice from a chief data scientist.

Even though I’ve worked at SAS for nearly 30 years, I still get excited when great things come together for our customers!

This summer I have been eyeballs deep in creating content for parenting classes.

Shop New Arrivals - EVEREVE - a contemporary fashion and styling company for women

Using exact duplicates to manage complex systems dates to NASA’s early moon missions. Today, IoT is key to implementing digital twin technology in manufacturing.

The success of higher education institutions depends on the ability to excel across the student life cycle. Regardless of the type, size, or focus of a college or university, they all strive to attract and enroll high-quality students, retain and graduate students, and maintain strong relationships with alumni.

The former Cornhuskers QB has returned home, and everyone wants a piece of him.