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Our eye color comes from our iris, the tissue surrounding the pupil of our eye. Each iris has a unique pattern of ridges and folds, specific only to you!

Setting a goal to become the Internet's ultimate website builder is one thing. Making it happen is quite another. Nevertheless, after a lot of hard work

WordPress is seen as the ultimate website building platform for a reason. Its design team was determined to create a perfect website builder. They wanted t

An athlete is sailing through the air or making a quick turn when all of a sudden he or she hears a “pop” in the knee. An athlete who experiences this followed by sudden pain and swelling often receives the much-feared diagnosis of an anterior cruciate ligament tear.

Imagine living every moment of your life not knowing when or where an airstrike will hit. You go to sleep, not knowing if your home will be standing when you wake up or if your loved ones will be alive
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Civilians caught in the crossfire in bloody conflicts often end up paying the ultimate price. Those who stay and survive face a daily struggle of being trapped in a city under fire. Houses are bombed, roads are ruined, food…

Five strategies that will help you stop overthinking everything, plus seven signs that you haven't healed from childhood trauma.

Searching for a new look? Upload a photo or use your webcam to test out eyeglass styles from your computer.

We know that cataracts can cause vision loss and blindness in the elderly. But kids and infants are at risk of contracting cataracts as well.

For decades, the origin of hepatitis B has been up for debate within the science community. While we know the disease is millions of years old, scientists don't know which animal or region the virus comes from. But, with a new study, we now have crucial evidence for the source of two hepatitis B genotypes.

At Virgin we often go into new industries with a fresh pair of eyes. Since day one we’ve done things differently. From introducing the concept of in-flight entertainment on board Virgin Atlantic planes, to opening Virgin Money Lounges on UK high streets for customers to relax in, grab a coffee and catch-up on some emails without the being pressured by sales teams
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There’s a Virgin attitude and we’ve been rigorous in applying that to each and every industry we enter,…

It’s so wonderful seeing entrepreneurial spirit alive in young teenagers who are turning their frustrations into opportunities. I was in Menorca recently having lunch with Kate Winslet and we met a wonderful young entrepreneur who, even in a challenging situation, is finding ways to make his ideas come alive
Image from Iolo Edwards
Iolo Edwards is a 13-year-old from Wales who has been quite poorly recently…

We already know what vaccines can do today. Immunizations helped eradicate smallpox and polio and reduced the risks of dozens of other diseases. But, what can we expect from vaccines in the future? With the help of recently developed technology, vaccines could cover more diseases and reach every part of the world.

Art can have a profound impact in many different settings - from reducing antisocial behaviour to improving people's wellbeing.
But what happens when you put art in a workplace? Take our quiz to find out more about the impact art can have in an office...

Racquell Brown is a quintessential earth essence goddess. Based in Jamaica, she owns Irie Rock - one of the country’s most successful, locally made natural skincare companies
Racquell joined the Branson Centre Caribbean early in 2018 through our accelerator programme . She was eager to scale her business and we knew that she had what it took – with her keen business sense and creative nature.
We recently had a chat with Racquell where she shared a bit about Irie Rock and about…

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The last few decades have seen an astonishing increase in the prevalence of children’s myopia. Why is it happening and what can you do about it?

Your eye doctor will help you obtain the right eye drops and contact solution for your eyes. Here are some of the brands our member practices offer.

Sonder: "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Here's how physical therapy and the arts connect.

'Available facials: Custom Blended Facial Customized to treat individual needs Ingredients blended at time of service Skin type and concerns are taken into consideration while choosing the most suitable ingredients Firm and Lift Facial Targets aging, sagging skin Reduces visibility of fine lines, wrinkles Increases elasticity of the skin VitamMineral Deep Detox Facial Treats dullness and dehydration Cures damage from pollution and toxins in the air…

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The Spanish Flu pandemic spread across the globe 100 years ago, killing tens of millions of people. But, the infamous epidemic caused more than a death toll. Nations and groups learned from the pandemic, working to prevent another one. Both medicine and public health forever changed because of the Spanish Flu.

Virgin Media customers will soon be able to keep track of exactly when technicians are due to arrive through real-time updates on their smartphone, tablet or computer
The new service will give customers important details about their appointments, starting with a reminder the day before and continuing with live updates right up until the technician arrives. The service has been designed to reduce uncertainty and improve…

Our physical therapists focus first on clinical excellence. They assess and treat patients; complete documentation;[...]More

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