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Doctors tell us to get the flu shot ever year for the best protection against the strains for that seasons. With some help from the antibodies of llamas, an annual flu shot wouldn't be necessary. The animals have smaller antibodies that work better against mutated strains, giving hope for a long-lasting flu shot.

As CEO of the Virgin Group, Josh Bayliss manages the Virgin brand and our capital investments. Quite a job! We caught up with Josh in October to find out what makes him tick…
So Josh, what have you been up to this week
We just completed our annual gathering of CEOs from all around the Virgin Group. We capped off the day with our annual Stars of the Year event at Holly and Sam Branson’s house in Kidlington. It was a wonderful party…

Whether they face surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, patients are curious about what treatments will work best and what each type means for recovery. So where do we begin when it comes to lung cancer treatment?

Students enjoy the TRX strength classes in the Rec & Wellness Center
On December 8–14, students and rec members can de-stress with free fitness classes at the Campus Rec Center, Rec & Wellness Center, and Outdoor Adventures Center. Fifty-four classes are offered over the seven days, including the popular High Intensity Interval Training, Cardio Dance, Cycling, Barre, Yoga and TRX
View the full schedule:

It comes with controversy but warrants discussion. Here's what you need to know if you're 35 or older and pregnant.

If you're like most people, you want to lose weight now and keep it off. But the truth is, there are no quick fixes.

It’s been so wonderful to welcome our new puppy Tofu to our Necker Island family and I’ve had quite a few people asking after him so I thought I’d give you a pupdate on how he’s getting on
Image from Brianna Stewart
Tofu, a Labrador/Irish Water Spaniel cross, has been with us nearly two months now and has settled in so quickly to his new home. A house isn’t a home without a dog and it’s lovely to see him bounding over to…

These kids are dedicated to making healthy choices and staying tobacco-free. Check out their amazing artwork!

France held the title for years, but China will soon become the world's most visited country. A mix of both business travelers and tourists looking to explore the Asian country have increased its popularity for foreign visitors. China's increased visitors matches the rising trend in foreign travel around the world.

The setting of this year’s UN climate negotiations – Katowice, Poland – is one of the last remaining coal regions in Europe
It is there, at COP24 , that the question is being raised about how to make renewable power transitions just and fair for the people and communities who will be affected by them.
World leaders have addressed and responded to the question with the joint adoption of the ‘Solidarity and Just Transition Silesia Declaration’ – signed on the opening day of…

So you’ve secured a place in the Virgin Money London Marathon , but now what
If you’re feeling clueless or worried about what to wear, how to train, nutrition or injuries, you can’t afford to miss Meet the Experts – a day of expert marathon advice, inspiring interviews and smart fundraising ideas, plus a sneak peek at the official souvenir kit range.
Taking place on Saturday February 2nd, 2019 at Central Hall Westminster, Meet the Experts is your opportunity to get some expert…

Just like adults, youngsters need to work out how to interact with family members they may see only a few times a year.

When it comes to hand hygiene, are you doing it correctly? And how does washing with soap or water compare with using hand sanitizer?

Many people plan for the flu season, getting a flu shot and practicing better hygiene to stay virus-free during those months. But, like the flu, many diseases pose a much higher risk depending on time of the year. Illnesses like chickenpox, polio and even gonorrhea have seasonal periods when they spread more easily.

Helping make sure children receive gifts they both love and are SAFE.

It was an impressive and memorable opening-night game for York Dukes’ senior point guard Jeb Lucas. Lucas, a 6-foot senior, broke York High School’s single-game assists record with 13 in

The unemployment rate for BAME people of working age is nearly double that of white British groups, according to UK government research released last year
While shocking, this statistic will not come as a surprise to many with biases - both conscious and unconscious - built into so many of Britain’s industries, businesses and employment practices
On the latest episode of the Breaking Barriers podcast we…

We’re committed to screening a wide diversity of high quality cinema: innovative American independent work including non-narrative, experimental films and video; classic foreign and American cinema illustrative of traditional and historical perspectives; documentaries which examine a wide variety of issues of concern; and contemporary foreign cinema of substance.

Whether you think you may be infected with HIV or know someone at risk, it's critical that you take advantage of the resources available to you and

The 9th Annual Tree Walk is now in the books. Thanks to the Sole Corporate Sponsor, Farmers Savings Bank and the generous folks in the community, Virginia Gay Hospital was able to raise $11,295. Th…