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The guys chat about Facebook’s content creation, SNL’s native ads play, who thinks YouTube ads are better than TV ads, and more – Content Marketing Institute

Sachin Gokhale reveals how trends in the television industry might play out in the coming months

Big events like the Academy Awards or Super Bowl may get the most media attention for their impact on digital activity, but marketers would be wise to pay closer attention to this connection
throughout the year. In many organizations, digital direct marketers of large brands rarely interact with those responsible for television advertising and often use different advertising agencies
Yet in this age of marketing attribution…

Audio AdCenter is a self-serve platform that provides small business owners with the opportunity to promote their services directly to prospective customers, through online radio ads.

One of the best and most productive forms of advertising for small businesses today is radio. Radio has a lot of benefits for small businesses.

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it's important to manage the cost of advertising on the radio. The following questions and answers will enable you to keep the cost as low as possible.

Radio is an extremely effective way to advertise. For those who believe radios days are numbered, here are six reasons why radio advertising will never die.

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Recent studies have shown that even with today's fragmentation of media and attention, radio advertising continues to help businesses engage with consumers.

The latest from Unskippable Labs: an experiment in video advertising. How the length of video ads impacts brand recall, favorability, and VTR.

Customer Behavior - The share of weekly video viewing time spent watching linear television (i.e., TV not on-demand) has decreased 16% since 2010, according to recent research from Ericsson.

The annual broadcast upfronts week has wrapped, as the networks spent four days wooing buyers with their new schedules, lots of impressive-sounding stats (some figures were more accurate than others) and, most importantly, open bars and buffets.

Here’s a list of five techniques smart small business owners use to ramp up the return on their radio advertising budget.

In fact, there are 4 qualities that you really need to include in your law firm radio advertising campaign that are crucial to your success.

Trying to decide between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to promote your organization? Learn about the different factors to consider when making this decision to increase the chances of making the right choice!

Snapchat has fired up its ads API -- application programming interface -- that allows third-party partners to plug in and deliver ads for brands and agencies.