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The Bishop Foote Guest House served as the home for Idaho’s Episcopal Church bishop and later accommodated St. Luke’s hospital patients. It got moved across the hospital campus to make way for a new building.

The waters of Maine yield the world's most succulent lobster. Upgrade your perfectly aged Omaha Steak with a dash of surf in these responsibly harvested, wild-caught lobster tails from World Port Seafood. Frozen the day of catch for ultimate ocean-freshness and conveniently split in two, these easy-to-cook tails are just what you need to upgrade your steak dinner to something truly unforgettable.

In this 25 minute session, you'll see the most recent enhancements in IMAGINiT Clarity for Revit, Revit Server, and BIM 360 Design. Including cross-project r...

Ever spent valuable time writing complex code only to later find a function that would have done the job for you? Discover the plethora of practical SAS functions that you haven't seen in other SAS programming courses, and start resolving your everyday programming problems more quickly and efficiently.

To achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) everybody must receive the healthcare they need without suffering financial hardship
UHC is critical for all people, but in particular for newborns, adolescents and women approaching childbirth. Many countries are making valiant commitments to UHC and primary health care, but gaps persist
Image from Living Goods
A panel discussion recently took place in Geneva addressing how countries, the private sector,…

Healthy eyes are critical to your child’s development and success in school. Here are 15 warning signs that your child might have a vision problem.

DoorDash wants you to use its food-delivery app “wherever you are, whatever you’re craving and whenever you’re craving it.”

Every 36 hours on average, American local news outlets deliver a new report on violence at a McDonald’s.

A modern-day loophole has let posters on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat advertise tobacco products their own despite policies against it.

Headliners at Ad Age's Small Agency Conference include Badger & Winters co-founder Madonna Badger, Sunday Dinner's Lindsey Slaby and Pereira & O’Dell founder P.J. Pereira.

The iPhone maker is planning to unveil new software features aimed at hanging on to its loyal customers.

Marketers today must deploy a wide range of advanced analytics with total transparency and without needing to be a data scientist to evaluate the results. SAS provides the most complete analytics solutions for marketers. Customer analytics provides the insights to inform both tactics and strategies. Predictive analytics and optimization enable marketers to focus efforts and enhance results. And real-time analytics optimizes your response based on where customers are in the buying journey.

Magento ecommerce software has been around since the initial version was launched back in 2008. Today, it makes up a

Some of the Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital Birthing Center nurses gathered Friday in memory of Noah Bellows, son of Paul and Karin Bellows, who died in 2012, six days after

Library Pub just added Citra Lights by Knee Deep Brewing Company, a Pale Ale - American, rated 3.666 on Untappd to their menu

JC Penney welcomes a new chief customer officer, in charge of marketing, and Urban Outfitters debuts a rental service.

As we honor Mental Health Month, there are many calls to reduce suffering.

Playgrounds are a great place to spend summer days. Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you go.

This week is Dementia Action Week, an important opportunity to come together to support those living with dementia
Dementia is one of the most dramatic health crises facing the world today - it is estimated that a new dementia case develops somewhere in the world every three seconds
Image by John Armstrong Photography
In the UK alone, there are more than 850,000 people living with dementia.…

These easy Omaha Steaks gourmet favorites are perfect for the outdoor cook, and guaranteed to be enjoyed by the whole family. Order today!

This blog shows how the automatically generated concepts and categories in Visual Text Analytics (VTA) can be refined using LITI and Boolean rules.

TrueX President Pooja Midha discussed innovating the ad experience for connected TV.

A company executive said Monday that Dressbarn had “not been operating at an acceptable level of profitability in today’s retail environment.”

Cross-platform workflow draws on the company’s own pain points as an advertiser to smooth campaign rollout.

The weaker-than-expected results come toward the end of what’s been a mixed period for the consumer sector.

Google faced pressure for providing free ads to 'intentional misinformation campaigns' for abortion services.

Cavalry CEO Marty Stock says failing to admit a loss and only increases the chance it will happen again.