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West Madison Dental - Dentist for the fearful patient offering sedation and full service dentistry

Dental exam — Overview covers preparation and what to expect during a dental exam.

Compassion Tigard is a catalytic event led by local church collaboratives. It is designed to show compassionate services to our neighbors who are underinsured and in need. Our guests experience love and grace through the provision of free basic health care and social service networking.

The church is sponsoring the Free Dental Services and Health Expo, in partnership with licensed professionals, along with businesses and organizations. Mwemba, a church member and registered nurse, believes that churches, in looking at a person’s spiritual well-being, also need to care for a person as a whole. Because of them, I got to keep my tooth and not the pain. [...] attending the event is…

We are a South Edmonton Dentist located on 105 street close to Whyte Avenue. Our general dental practice welcomes all new patients, no referral is required. Call us today!

When it comes to replacing your lost or broken teeth, contact our Pocatello dental clinic and ask about dentures, implants, and veneers.

Finding a qualified dentist to perform cosmetic work on your teeth and mouth goes beyond a location based Google search. The results you receive after a visit to the cosmetic dentist may vary depending on the skill of the dentist and the staff who work at the practice. This is why finding a qualified dentist requires careful consideration at every step of the research process. Below we have outlined a series of tips to help you eliminate any potential candidates, and hone in…

Visit our Houston dentist locations: What is a dental bone graft and why would you need one? This 3D animation explains the diff...

How much is a teeth cleaning What is dental hygiene Dr Feucht realizes that patients have many questions He enjoys curious patients who want to know more a

Whether you're looking for a cosmetic or general dentist, OHIOSmiles is the place to go. We are compassionate, and we will care for you with energy and passion because you’re now part of the OHIOSmiles family.

The dental health clinic on wheels provides care for our community’s most at-risk individuals between the ages of 13-24 — some of whom have never seen a dentist.

Dental Symptom Checker can help you identify possible conditions, treatments and actions to take so that you can make informed decisions about your oral health. Check your dental symptoms.

A look at the manufacturing process of dental floss - an invaluable invention for maintaining oral hygiene and a great weapon against gum diseases.

Find out how thumbsucking and pacifier use can affect your baby's mouth and get tips on how to help your child break the habit.

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water sources, including oceans, lakes and rivers. Learn more about the benefits of fluoride.

Do you know the link between your dental health and overall health? What your teeth are saying may surprise you.

Taking care of your family's dental health is a big responsibility. Here are a few smart choices you can make along the way to keep everyone's smiles healthy.

The Media loves a good headline. And, it seems, so do we. Unfortunately, in hyping-up the message into a single sound-byte, much of the important details tend to fall on the cutting-room floor. The result can be a story that is misleading at best, or entirely false, at worst. Recently, a story linking gum disease and Alzheimer’s may have fallen victim to this sort of story shortening. Since neither are concerns to take lightly, we thought we’d take a look at the facts…