Dental Clinics

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They have the potential to bring dental care to millions of low-income children whose families would otherwise struggle to find dentists who accept payment from the state Medi-Cal program and can schedule appointments without weeks-long waits.

The “Fly Away” singer learned the hard way about government over-regulation when police raided a free dental clinic he sponsored in the Bahamas.

Snacking in between meals has been touted over the years as an efficient dietary method to fight hunger. Unfortunately, snacking in between meals can ca...

Jefferson Dental Clinics offers patients the best, and most affordable, dental services throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. Hablamos español!

West Madison Dental - Dentist for the fearful patient offering sedation and full service dentistry

DES MOINES, IA (Jan. 15, 2016) – On Tuesday, Jan. 19, Scavo High School, in partnership with Delta Dental of Iowa and the Mid-Iowa Health Foundation, will formally open Iowa’s first school-based full service dental clinic. The Nolden ...

JACKSONVILLE — Kayla Francis, her boyfriend and two of their four children received dental checkups last week, all covered by the Medicaid cards

A mobile campaign to help keep veterans healthy made a stop in Sioux Falls Tuesday afternoon.

There are actually more than a dozen different identified types of smiles that can convey a range of emotions including joy, fear, friendliness, discomfort, embarrassment, uncertainty, love and more.

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is it true that some children are more susceptible to getting cavities than others? My 11-year-old has [...]

The pop rocker and actor set up the charitable endeavor in Gregory Town on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas earlier this month. The clinic was shut down by police as patients were having dental surgery.

Veterans receive oral health care on a mobile dentist's office touring the country.

Compassion Tigard is a catalytic event led by local church collaboratives. It is designed to show compassionate services to our neighbors who are underinsured and in need. Our guests experience love and grace through the provision of free basic health care and social service networking.

A chain of Upstate dental clinics will offer children toys in exchange for Halloween candy, which will be added to care packages and sent to troops serving overseas.

For centuries Aztec and Mayan cultures indulged tongue piercings. Today, as much as 16% of the Western population has a pierced tongue. Experimenting wi...

A dazzling smile for holiday photos is at the top of our seasonal wish lists, but before you reach for at-home tooth whitening kits, read these careful ...