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Latest content in Oklahoma City, OK

Tulsa police saturated several neighborhoods near the river Wednesday afternoon to tell residents to evacuate the area for higher grounds.

This map shows where flooding occurred in 1986, the largest flood on record in Tulsa's history. Residents can find more images at cityoftulsa.org/rivermaps.

Two mothers have gone undercover to weed out misinformed parents sharing dangerous and false autism remedies — including methods involving bleach, turpentine and urine — on Facebook.

Much of the state has experience flooding problems in some areas over the past few days. In Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum says his city is preparing for the worst as rain floods into Keystone Lake.

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Over the last couple of months, I've gotten really (like really) into astrology, by way of memes on Instagram. If you're a millennial or Gen-Zer locked in an eternal scroll like I am (except it's my job, so I have an excuse!), then you're no stranger to these types of posts. One popular format? A list assigning zodiac signs with their corresponding "things," from foods to colors and everything in between. And since y'all love our memes (we're making more, we swear), I…