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Most gun owners own firearms for many reasons including protection. But nobody wants to see their firearm used in a suicide or unintentional injury. Today, Leah Colburn, Community Suicide Prevention Coordinator at Primary Children’s Hospital stopped by to talk about gun locks and safe storage to help keep our loved ones safe. Safe gun storage is key to preventing unintentional injuries and suicides.

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Looking for ways to eat healthy on a budget? Here’s some inspiration on how to meal plan and stock your pantry without sacrificing your bottom line.

CEO Kevin Johnson called the move a "significant milestone" in the company's sustainability efforts.

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Lord Nermal is back and as sassy as ever! RIPNDIP presents their new Lord Nermal Hi-Top Shoes. Made with a canvas upper that features the cheeky feline upon the inner ankles flipping the bird. The cat can also be found hidd

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Stian Angermund-Vik and Laura Orgué notch double wins in Scotland. Mira Rai wins in her return from injury.

Housed at The Center for Health Affairs, the Northeast Ohio Hospital Consortium on Opioid Addiction will be responsible for coordinating hospital activities aimed at stemming the Northeast Ohio opioid epidemic.

Thanks to modern surgery, a question that philosophers have debated for centuries now has an answer.

Danger is at hand, and you may have voted for it. Science educator Bill Nye weaves a passionate argument for the importance of science literacy in a country's elected leaders.

Our dentists discusses removable partial dentures (aka flipper or removable bridge) to replace missing teeth, and in what situations they might be used.

Bedtime snacks can make the difference between a night of deep shut-eye and fitful dozing, writes nutritionist Dale Pinnock

Wondering how to make the perfect picnic? What to bring? Where to go? This article will answer all those questions.

Our dentists discuss how to help improve children's oral health by setting a good example and developing the proper habits early.

Dr. Leland Powell discusses what types of food and drinks can stain or darken teeth, and how various teeth whitening options are available.

Google has announced that its enterprise version of Gmail, found in G Suite, and consumer version of Gmail are going to more closely align.

Facebook has nearly 2 billion users. But that's not enough. Now, in an effort to go deep, not just wide, the company will focus on users' activity levels.

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