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Download the episode "Waking Up on the Right Side of the Desk (with Adam Grant)." from the podcast Outside the Box: Time > Money for free.

Learn about teeth grinding (bruxism) and the symptoms & treatments associated with the condition. Find out more about possible treatments at Oralb.com

John Gill and Tikisha Ousley talk about Wine Quest benefiting Quest, Inc.

If summer were a drink, we’re pretty sure it would be lemonade. And just like summer livin’, this refreshing classic is easy. Keep it simple with our recipe for basic homemade lemonade. Or mix it up with five fun recipe variations, including herb-infused lemonade, fruity lemonade, sparkling lemonade, limeade and the Arnold Palmer.

Mental and emotional wellness are both important — psychological techniques and therapy build resilience and teach chronic pain management.

Central Florida’s own Camp Thunderbird, announced today that there are still open spots at several of its 2018 camp sessions, which offer a summer of possibilities, empowerment, and fun to children and adults living with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other physical and behavioral challenges.

Wine Quest 2018 returns on Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2, 2018 to Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando! Partnering with Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, we celebrate wines and craft spirits from around the world, delight in exquisite cuisine and partake in the silent and live auctions that benefit Quest, Inc. and all of the people we serve. Together, we will be working…

Kids love candy, and while we know it’s not good for them, we also know they’re going to eat it. Chocolate bunnies, Peeps and Jelly Beans can be just a way of life this time of year. So, how best to survive the holidays that are traditionally surrounded by sugar
Understanding How Sweets Affect Teeth
A good rule of thumb is: the less time sugar spends in the mouth, the better it is for their teeth. In other words, if you have the…

'Exam, Cleaning and X-rays Cavities: Portrait of an Enamel Assassin One primary purpose of a dental appointment is checking for cavities. To learn exactly how they form, read on. Cavities—also known as dental caries or simply tooth decay—form as the direct result of two interplaying factors: food and bacteria. As soon as 20 minutes after a meal, more than 500 types of bacteria begin to feast on any refined sugar or starch they can find, producing a potent acid as a byproduct. Tooth…

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Add even more magic to your visit with this unique experience at Walt Disney World.

Old wives' tales abound about the eyes. From watching TV to eating carrots, here's the lowdown on some vision facts and fiction.

South Florida Hurricane Guide: Preparation information, evacution and radar maps, forecast data, shelters

Following on from our employee's guide to staying healthy, this useful infographic from ChairOffice provides lunchtime inspiration for those aiming to get

Advances in Orthodontics technology make appliances such as Braces and Retainers more comfortable and less visible than ever before.

National Eye Institute, NIH, is dedicated to vision research that saves sight & reduces visual impairment & blindness.

Sasha just got her new #BRACES on 🤗 thanks to Dr. Kopuri & Darlene at our #Melbourne office!! 🎉 #ILoveCFOS #summerofbraces

Dental implants are the most effective alternative for missing teeth, with over a 98% success rate.

Strawberry and Watermelon go together better than peas and carrots! These amazingly fresh ice pops are the perfect healthy treat on a hot afternoon.

I know many of you are out having social gatherings, maybe parades, BBQs, and more this Memorial Day! But I still wanted to wish you all a happy Memorial Day! Memorial Day has become a day of the year when people celebrate not going to work, having family and social gatherings around great food, maybe...Read More

Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces for parents looking at orthodontia options for their teens.

When you wear a retainer for a number of hours, plaque and bacteria build up on the appliance. This article explains how to use household products to keep your retainer clean and prevent it from smelling and looking dirty. Commercial...

Dreams about teeth falling out are a common theme at bedtime. If you or a loved one has been covering this ground at night, you may have questions ab...