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If your home needs a new roof, the following tips from Sears Home Services will help you learn how to identify a reputable roofer and prepare for the job.

Driving healthy growth at Smoothie King with a wellness-centric message

If you think of swimming only as a leisure activity, then you are sorely mistaken. Water training has become a legitimate form of cross training for many people, from those who just want to be fit to serious athletes.

Try these 3 cooking and cleaning tips for the oven you cannot live without. We’ll show you how to cook your food more evenly, efficiently, and tasty. Don’t miss out on these 3 hacks.

Up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference finals, the Celtics are showing the vigor of an upstart contender. Meanwhile, LeBron James once again looks mired in the morass of organizational fatigue.

Want to keep 
your eyes in great shape for 
years to come? These everyday habits will help you see a clear future.

Depression is a mysterious illness. Brain scientists and psychologists say that it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, which is true. The issue isn’t with the diagnosis, but with the treatment
The problem – and it’s a prevalent one – is the over-prescribing of brain-altering drugs as “the cure.” However, prescription drugs do no such thing. While one may feel some symptomatic relief, drugs merely mask…

Like a sprinter with his head stuck in a stairway banister, vehicle engines desperately need lubrication if they’re going to run properly. Oil up with this voucher.
Choose from Three Options
$15 for one oil change with lube and filter, tire rotation, and maintenance inspection (a $35 value)
$29 for two of the above packages (a $70 value)
$40 for three of the above packages (a $105 value)

Ropes aren’t just made for tying knots and keeping things together. It’s also not a backyard or recess game restricted to just little girls. Even MMA fighters and boxers like Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao take skipping rope seriously
If you’re worried about body parts “jiggling”, don’t be. We all have areas in our body that need some toning and tightening. What’s most important is that we do something about it at all.
There are more benefits of jumping rope than just enjoying…

Choice of:
Choice of Three Spa Services
Choice of Six Spa Services
Choice of Nine Spa Services

What’s hot in kitchen and bath design? From clean lines to neutral color schemes, here are the trends in kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets that have people talking.

Regular exercise not only lowers your risk of diabetes, stroke, depression and obesity, your heart will benefit, too. Sanjay Bindra, MD, weighs in on why these types of exercises are so beneficial.

Colorectal cancer is more common that you think. Learn about colon cancer and rectal cancer symptoms, causes, treatments and statistics.

Bleeding gums can be a sign of gingivitis, the early stage of periodontal disease. Learn the causes and find treatments to keep your gums healthy.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Spread the word about mammograms and raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Choice of:
Dental Care Package with Cleaning. Includes:
Full comprehensive exam
Full mouth series of X-rays
Panoramic image
Oral cancer screening
Cleaning with full mouth probing included
Dental Care Package with Cleaning and Whitening Trays. Includes:
Full comprehensive exam
Full mouth series of X-rays
Panoramic image
Oral cancer screening
Cleaning with full mouth probing included
Whitening for life package with trays and gel
Replacement gel included with continued care

Following on from our employee's guide to staying healthy, this useful infographic from ChairOffice provides lunchtime inspiration for those aiming to get

Our neurosurgery practice in Ocala, FL provides high-quality neurology care and advanced surgery for patients throughout the North Central Florida area.

Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Floss
It seems so simple to just slide some string between your teeth to clean those hard-to-reach areas. While the idea is simple, there are a few techniques that you need to master in order to maximize the return on the time you spend flossing.
Here are ten common mistakes that people make when they floss:
10 Common Flossing Mistakes
1 – Not Flossing the Sides of Both Teeth
If you just slide the…