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Contact High French engineering school IMT Atlantique revealed what it calls "the first stand-alone contact lens with a flexible micro battery" earlier this month. And, notably, it caught the attention of the U.S. military's attention: the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is reportedly interested in the contact lens to augment troops' visual capabilities in the field, according...

Neste and Air BP have entered into an agreement to deliver sustainable aviation fuel to airline and airport customers in Sweden in 2019.

Garrett College, McHenry, MD - Experience. Explore. Excel.

The most crucial lube shop asset is often the shop manager, but you don't have to wait for a great manger to walk through the door looking for a job.

Employee disengagement is a common problem for companies, but engagement will improve when management's actions align with people's psychological needs.

Two men graduated the Christian County Veteran’s Treatment Court during a ceremony held Monday afternoon. Christian County Circuit Judge Andrew Self is one of the judges who was influential in getting the program started within the county.

Find out how you can take good care of your eyesight. What are the best ways to manage dry eyes and protect yourself from macular degeneration?

Teacher and Worker Training Day, Saturday, August 3. Brother and Mrs. Dan Jessup of Master Clubs ministries will be conducting the five practical workshops (for all teachers and workers) and lunch will be provided, all for only $10.00. We hope you will bring your staff and church workers to this helpful day
Western Maryland's Annual Sword of the Lord Conference, September 23-24. Dr. Shelton Smith, editor of the Sword of the Lord will be with us again this year. Joining him will be…

What Makes us Mighty
Our mission: "To serve the professional automotive repair market with select, high quality products and superior customer support services."
The great success stories of free enterprise have always come down to a winning combination of a few key factors. Such is the story of Mighty - an honored American company serving the multi-billion dollar automotive aftermarket for more than fifty years

Do customers still have to use the OEM recommended oil after the warranty expires? Industry expert Steve Swedberg explores this often-asked question.

Kentucky Court of Justice - The Judicial Branch of State Government for the Commonwealth of Kentucky - A unified court system

What Is "Tract Month?"
Tract Month began at Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church in 1995 when we became burdened for an effective way to saturate our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the years, Tract Month has developed into an effective method of involving nearly the entire church body in the distribution of Gospel tracts. Through competition, promotion, prayer and participation, hundreds of thousands…

If you’re one for making New Year’s resolutions, why not resolve to take better care of your car with proper maintenance? It’s easier than you think and can help your vehicle stay healthy and last for years to come! Read our blog for four resolutions you can follow.

Credit: Journal of Glaucoma Magdeburg, Germany and New Delhi, India, November 5, 2018 - A new era in the management of glaucoma is ushered in by a landmark study published in the Journal of Glaucom..

The National Pest Management Association has released their 2018 Fall/Winter Bug Barometer infographic. See a U.S. map of active pests in your region now.

Rats are one of the most persistent pests homes and businesses have to deal with. The damage they do costs money and they bring with them a host of health risks, too. Ehrlich takes a look at what you need to think about when considering a rat control professional.

Hornets all found all over North America and one of the most often seen is the bald faced hornet. However, how can you tell a bald faced hornet from other stinging pests? Ehrlich Pest Control discusses bald faced hornets and their characteristics.

Mighty owner Hector Ruiz, along with some of his customers, discuss the benefits of Mighty Auto Part's top-notch Lubricant Program. *Featuring: Hector Ruiz, ...

We are excited to invite you and your youth out for our annual fall youth rally on Saturday, October 6! We have been preparing and praying for God’s blessing on the preaching, fellowship, and fun on this one-day teen getaway
This year we are continuing our theme from last year: “Be Thou An Example” taken from Paul’s admonition to a young Christian in 1 Timothy 4:12. Each year our goal is to challenge teens to be a Christ-like example in every facet of…

The world needs more energy but delivered with fewer carbon emissions. Embracing that dual challenge is the way BP thinks about every aspect of its business, says Kathrina Mannion

At the age of 2, Little Brother Baylee lost his eyesight. As he grew up, his mother wanted a mentor for him because his dad wasn’t involved in his life, but she wasn’t sure if there would be a Big Brother who would be willing to be matched with a Little who is blind. Big Brother Al didn’t balk at being matched with a blind Little Brother, and they have been now been matched for nearly eight years.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Griffin Enterprises L.C., a Jiffy Lube franchisee with 55 locations in Colorado, Nevada and Utah, has become a Mighty Auto Parts franchisee covering Colorado's

Ehrlich Pest Control shares some amazing facts about hornets from around the globe.

Should you be following the normal or the severe service schedule for your vehicle’s maintenance? The answer may surprise you. A poll by AAA found that only 6% of motorists thought they did most of their driving under severe service conditions, but further study showed it actually applied to 62% of drivers. So how can …

ATLANTA (PRWEB) June 26, 2018
Mighty Distributing System of America has announced Mighty of Central Indiana as Franchise of the Year.
This prestigious award was presented at Mighty’s Nati

Remember how your parents told you that driving a car is a huge responsibility? They weren’t just trying to scare you—it’s true. An important aspect of car ownership is a commitment to proper maintenance. One area that is easy to keep an eye on for yourself is belt maintenance. Belt degradation can lead to overheating, …