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Your dentist can help you get a better sleep
Are you zoning out at work? Having trouble concentrating? Are you waking up frequently with a pounding headache? Do you often get sleepy – or even fall asleep – when you shouldn’t, like when you’re driving?
Tell your dentist!
Dentists are concerned with more than just your pearly whites. We’re here to help you with your overall health and well-being too! More and more evidence is coming out to show that sleep deprivation –…

Visiting your parents and family this holiday season? Instead of staring at the TV, or – even worse – debating politics, try some of these suggestions. Not only are they enjoyable, they provide opportunities to gain insight into how your aging relative is doing.

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Brushing your teeth seems easy, but there are a few tricks to doing it right. Learn the ins and outs of wielding a toothbrush for better oral health.

1) What is Family Member Auto-Ship
A Family Member Auto-Ship plan is the most convenient and cost-effective way to develop a healthy habit with your favorite Revival products. We automatically ship your favorite products based upon the frequency you select. The program is easy to use and customizable, so you can make changes online whenever you need. You will save 10% off all your recurring orders…

Don’t be fooled by rumors and misinformation. Test your knowledge of 6 common beliefs about lung cancer.

Revival Brings the Added Benefits of Soy Protein to Any Popular Diet
A study by leading glycemic-index experts at University of Sydney in Australia, funded by Physicians Laboratories, found that popular Revival Soy products have a low-glycemic index with little impact on blood sugar levels.1 This is important news for anyone on a "smart-carb" or "low-carb" diet, concerned about their blood sugar spikes, or those concerned…

Boost Fertility with Acupuncture! Acupuncture has been used for boosting fertility for over 3000 years. The most important thing acupuncture does is improve your blood circulation, bringing more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your body’s organs and tissues. How does it work?

Soy consumption may support healthier-looking skin, hair and nails by supplying high-quality protein needed for building and maintaining the appearance of such tissues.1-5 And many Revival customers have reported better skin, hair and nails after months of daily use, including Dr. Tabor’s mother, Suzanne. This led Dr. Tabor to study Revival Soy’s youth benefits in depth
In cosmetic creams, multiple studies show that topically-applied soy isoflavones…

Yes. Your satisfaction is important to us! Revival Soy is the best tasting way to enjoy the benefits of soy in our humble opinion. You can relax with our Great Taste Guarantee . If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will offer you a refund for the unused portion (less S&H) or product exchange (within 30 days of shipping)
The key to achieving and maintaining results with Revival Soy is regular daily use. If you’re looking to lose weight or increase…

Have you ever heard the phrase “the middle-age spread?” In women, this term is used to refer to the extra weight gained as menopause starts. The extra weight works its way onto our bodies and accumulates around our midsections rather than on our thighs and hips or evenly distributed, regardless of how you used to carry your weight. Not only does the weight sit differently on your frame, but it also seems to be harder to lose. In fact, you may not change…

Changes in oral microbes may lead to gum disease, heart problems, and cancer, study says.

Menopausal women may have a broad range of concerns associated with their transitions. We often hear about things like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and weight gain, but one of the potential reactions we do not often hear about is dizziness. The physical causes for increased dizziness during menopause aren’t clear, but researchers believe that it may be due to changes in the blood vessels…

Alliance member Lincoln in Oakland, California, won the 2018 Alliance Commitments award for Partnering with Purpose to advance educational success. To improv...

Last year, our hearts grew when thousands of children all over the East Bay were able to open gifts during the holidays and parents were able to put a smile on their child's face. We look forward to this time every year and we're excited to give again this December and grant even more caregivers...

Originally published in Modern Healthcare
By Delvecchio Finley
May 9, 2018
On Mother's Day we pay tribute to the women to whom we owe our lives. While it's a heartwarming celebration, the chances to enjoy pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood differ vastly, with African-American women at a distinct disadvantage.
Many African-American women

The First People of this nation, American Indians, are among those who suffer most from poverty, unemployment, incarceration, teen suicide, and substance abuse. A group of American Indians in San Francisco came together 55 years ago to build Friendship House Association of American Indians to as...

3,000 years of medicine can not be wrong. An increasing number of women are turning to acupuncture for assistance with common pregnancy discomforts.

Traditionally, we’ve accepted that once the cramps hit, we have a limited tool kit for stopping the pain (and that tool kit is usually stocked with various brands of aspirin). We asked a reproductive acupuncturist to explain the alternatives in her arsenal.

Listen as Dr. Andy and his guests explore the world of alternative therapies that may be effective in assisting children on the autism spectrum.
Andy McCabe has his Psy.D. in Applied Psychology from Rutgers University and is a full time professor. He has presented stress management and self improvement programs for the U.S. Navy, hospitals, police organizations, educational institutions and major corporations.

The Pathways navigation center opened two weeks ago and offers wrap-around services and support for 45 homeless people.