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Leslie Francesca gemstone bracelet. Every mama deserves a little bit of sparkle! These gemstone bracelets are from one of our local vendors, they are adjustable and are cutest in a stack.
Leslie Francesca opal earrings. Lab grown opals in these studs add a little opalescence to any party outfit.
Kid books! New in stock yoga and mindfulness inspired board books for kiddos.
Made by Rheal hands. The offering of these cast concrete hands is just about the sweetest thing…

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Ayur Ayurvedic Copper Bottle. Drinking out of copper has many benefits in the ayurvedic tradition, including improved immunity and digestion, increased metabolism, and arthritic support. Upgrading your drinking vessel to something beautiful will only make you want to drink more water, no better self care than that
Omcali Body Oils. These ayurvedically inspired oils can be used for daily skin care. These…

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Art&Soul sage bundles. Adorned with quartz crystals and rose buds, these sage bundles are perfect for setting the stage with scent and clearing the atmosphere
White Sage Wellness ceremonial sprays. Made locally by one of our amazing students, these aromatic sprays are formulated with aroma-intention in mind. Use them ritually to cleanse a space, or practically to revive linens or clothing.
Labyrinthos…® is the world's largest Magic the Gathering store, with an inventory that includes an extensive selection of out-of print sealed product and over 20,000,000 individual cards!

Download the latest update of the Golden State Warriors Official Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. In addition to being the easiest way to stay current with schedules, scores and news the latest update (June 10, 2016) includes
An interactive arena map that displays your location inside Oracle Arena and searchable locations of concession stands, bars, retail stores and more
Ability to sign…

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Giving Tuesday is the philanthropic community’s response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, encouraging individuals to embrace the importance of charitable giving during the holiday season
The Oakland Public Library is soliciting donations for the Friends of the Oakland Public Library (FOPL) , which provide financial support for library projects and programs that enhance library services to the residents of Oakland, Piedmont and…

Order your pizza online from Round Table Pizza now for fast pizza delivery or pickup! Deals and coupon information available online. We have a variety of wings appetizers and beer on tap

Studies show that soy can provide support for weight loss, energy, menopause hot flashes and night sweats, healthier skin/hair/nails, heart disease risk reduction, and other health areas.*
Soy Protein
Protein is made from building blocks called "amino acids" linked together in a chain. Of the 20 amino acids found in the body, nine are "essential," because they have to be consumed in the diet (the body…

"In Flanders fields the poppies blow
between the crosses, row on row."

Tasunka : a Lakota horse legend / told and illustrated by Donald F. Montileaux ; Lakota translation by Agnes Gay

NASA's InSIGHT spacecraft is scheduled to land on Mars Monday, November 26, on a mission to look within the Red Planet.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Revival foods and healthy foods are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results vary. Consult a doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan. Typical hot flash reduction was nearly 40% in a 12-week study. Typical weight loss was 26 - 29 pounds for dieters in a 16 week…

Posted by Dorothy Lazard on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018
Madison Square has been home to the Chinese community since the 1860s
Madison Square, originally called Caroline Square, was one of seven public squares in the early days of Oakland. The residential district that grew up around it makes up the residential end of Tong Yan Fow--Chinatown--and has housed the Chinese community since its earliest days. By…

Explore the natural wonders in our own backyard! Join a Naturalist-led tour to discover wonders just outside the doors of your favorite library branch.  We are partnering with the East Bay R