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Sen. Grace Poe answered head-on allegations that she cannot run for office in the 2016 elections due to lack of residency. At the Senate on Wednesday (June 3), she made it clear that she has nothing to hide as she dismisses the claims over opposition party United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

Trump is in most ways a Rand villain—a businessman who relies on cronyism and manipulation of government. Yet he praises The Fountainhead: “It relates to business, beauty, life and inner emotions. The book relates to . . . everything.”

Virtual reality technology can empower patients to become a member of their own healthcare team, claim Dr. Robert Louis, director at Hoag, and Danielle Collins, chief experience officer at EMPOWER360.

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The David Brower Center’s 2019 Art/Act: Youth exhibition and programming is a 14 week-long free, public visual art exhibition featuring 80+ Berkeley High School (BHS) student artists. Also incorporated are public opening and closing events, performing arts collaborations with Youth Speaks and the BHS dance program, and educational field trips for YMCA summer campers from four East Bay communities
Art/Act: Youth offers the participating student artists…

The oil giant holds its annual general meeting in Aberdeen for the first time, amid climate change protests.

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Aberdeen, Scotland -- At BP’s annual meeting this morning, shareholders passed a resolution calling for the company to lay out a business strategy consistent with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. The resolution was supported by BP’s board and passed with 99% of the vote. A second resolution that would have required the company to set targets for reducing emissions from the use of the oil and gas it produces and sells did not pass.

AIA California has partnered with Sprung Structures to host an Emerging Professionals Design Competition. Each year, this competition will challenge California’s emerging professionals to solve rea…

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Trócaire is gravely concerned by the ongoing charges against Issa Amro, a Palestinian Human Rights Defender who faces charges under the draconian 2017 El

What is a Fab Lab
A Fab Lab is a space where you can come to take advantage of tools, resources, and technology, using traditional and advanced manufacturing equipment to make almost anything.
Fab Labs offer the opportunity to dream, design, and refine ideas. One can come in and experiment for fun, or work towards developing a fully fledged product. At the CoA Fab Lab, our goal is to offer a communal space for people to make, to share, and to benefit from…

The Laney College FabLab is a resource made freely available to all students. staff and faculty on campus. Come learn how to 3D Print, Laser Cut, CNC Route and much more. New workshops are added to the calendar weekly. Come for a workshop, a tour or have us review your project ideas. Register for the workshops …

So what should be done? To the current rule, nothing. The existing rule is working.

In his new book, Kislev shows that single people are, on the whole, doing well. They do not need to desperately seek coupledom to improve their lot in life.

El populismo surgió como una reformulación y también como un rechazo del fascismo, pero en los últimos años algunos líderes populistas han sido la principal fuente de legitimación de discursos fascistas. ¿Cuál es el peligro para las democracias?

At its annual shareholder meeting, the oil company accepted a climate resolution proposal. But the company successfully opposed a stronger proposal. How much pressure does it need before it truly addresses its climate impacts?

Portions of many U.S. coastal cities could be lost to the sea by the end of the century because of global warming, a study says.

by Sonali Kolhatkar on May 16, 2019 at 12:30 am
It’s not just déjà vu on a mass scale—the neocons are back, and they’re ratcheting up the threat of another […]
by Sonali Kolhatkar on May 8, 2019 at 8:05 pm
Company executives make huge profits at the expense of drivers and customers. Now unions are striking on the eve of Uber's IPO. The post All Hail the […]
by Sonali Kolhatkar on May 3, 2019 at 5:40 pm
There’s a reason why…

The chair of a House panel is crying foul over the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) failure to provide an expert to testify on the effects of toxic mercury air pollution.

Last week X+1 secured a new $17 million debt facility with Ares Capital, a cash reservoir the demand-side platform plans to tap for two acquisitions this quarter (one social, one mobile). A global expansion will follow in the second half of the year, including a possible outpost in Brazil, according to CEO John Nardone. By... Continue reading »

Interpublic Group’s $2.3 billion purchase of Acxiom Marketing Services in 2018 shook the industry. And it reverberated into 2019 with Publicis Groupe’s follow-up acquisition of Epsilon. This week on the podcast, IPG Chief Data and Technology Officer Arun Kumar comes into the studio for a frank discussion of the deal and the larger trend of... Continue reading »

MoPub released an SDK update on Tuesday that gives app publishers access to impression-level revenue data. Historically, that type of data – which lets user acquisition managers attribute revenue and lifetime value to specific users at the impression level – has been hard to come by. Most third-party ad networks haven’t been set up to... Continue reading »

There is no time like spring with its milder temperatures to get re-energized and become more committed to your health through exercise and nutrition.

Hawaii could decriminalize the smallest amount of marijuana in the U.S. if a bill to remove criminal penalties for possessing three grams or less of pakalolo is signed into law. House Bill 1383 would replace criminal penalties for possessing three grams or less of marijuana with a $130 fine. The bill also allows those charged …

Devant l’écran de la salle Debussy, le cinéaste oscarisé Alfonso Cuarón présente l’inaltérable Shining, projeté dans le cadre de Cannes Classics. Tout en haut,...

Get ready to crash the biggest party of the year with Hammer’s House Party tour presented by SiriusXM, as MC Hammer embarks on his first major tour since 1991.

And now, they wait
The Golden State Warriors have gotten used to going to the NBA Finals, and their win in Portland on Monday night clinched their fifth consecutive trip. They've also gotten used to waiting for those finals to begin, with long layoffs after the Western Conference finals having become their norm.
By the time Game 1 of the NBA Finals arrives in either Milwaukee or Toronto on May 30, it'll be a 10-day gap - nine full off days -…

Yemen is experiencing what the UN describes as the ‘world’s worst’ humanitarian crisis. How many of these seven things did you already know?

He won two world championships in 1975 and 1977 with Ferrari and a third in 1984 with McLaren.

The Dubs closed out the Western Conference Finals with a 119-117 comeback victory in overtime.

Joko—known as Jokowi—wins 55.5 percent of the vote in last month's general election while his longtime rival Prabowo Subianto takes 44.5 percent.

Restaurants with iconic San Jose brands could soon be forced to move out of Mineta San Jose International Airport. City leaders are set to vote Tuesday on new concession contracts at the airport. The new contracts don't include two local favorites, San Jose Joe’s and the Brit.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. In just the last three years, at least five young, healthy Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, who worked at the same San Leandro substation were diagnosed with cancer, and they’re now questioning if the aging building may be to blame.