Business in Northgate - Oakland, CA

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In a statement released Saturday, the San Francisco Police Officers Association called for San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott to resign.

In the Bible, the ark survived an epic flood. Yet the owners of Kentucky's Noah's ark attraction are demanding their insurance company bail them out after heavy rains caused nearly $1 million in property damage. 

The San Rafael Yacht Harbor is seeing a surge in homeless people, attracted by showers that are supposed to be used by tenants.
In a case of unintended consequences, the closure of showers at a homeless service center has sent them streaming to the waterfront on East Francisco Blvd in the Canal District.
"They wait here until someone comes out, and then barge their way in," said...

The designs and colors of antique Caucasian rugs are unique for two reasons: tradition – more deeply rooted in Asia than anywhere else, and the inherent geographic…

In the space of barely more than a decade, China has transformed from a nation where few had ever experienced air travel to one where millions of its citizens are flying not only across their own vast territory, but to destinations around the world.

Bordering Iran to the North, the Caucasus Mountains ranks among the most grandiose and hostile landscapes in the world. The existence of the Caucasian tribespeoples…

The Ferahan region of West Central Persia developed a distinctive rug weaving tradition which blended local geometric influences with more refined and curvilinear…

The victims were attending classes in a tutoring center on the third and fourth floor of the building when the fire spread, Surat police commissioner Satish Kumar Sharma told CNN.

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President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday he doesn't view North Korea's short range missile tests as disturbing, a view deeply at odds with his Japanese hosts and in conflict with statements made a day earlier by his national security adviser.

Find this first on : Coming to us from Sierra Nevada in Chico, CA and Mills River, NC , today we have Coffee Stout . This...

While the automotive space as a whole has experienced constant growth over the past decade, deeper data from the automotive space indicates an...

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Wishing everyone a fun-filled kick off to Summer this Memorial Day weekend. We'll be closed from Saturday, May 25th through Monday, May 27th.

Three more climbers have died on Mount Everest, bringing the toll of those dead or presumed dead to nine across the 2019 climbing season.

Black Girl Gamers—many of whom have to deal with harassment, racial epithets, and sexist slurs while playing on popular platforms like Twitch—are helping each other share strategies for overcoming the hate.

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Wrap Bracelet shown above is made with 4mm water agate beads and other components. Photo courtesy of Suzy Schuman

Plant-based food is all the rage. Here are some of the best choices for your holiday event.

Ghosting is no longer limited to just the online dating realm–more and more job candidates are ghosting potential employers during the hiring process.

Burlesque. Avec acuité et humour, Elia Suleiman se raconte en cinéaste palestinien cherchant sa place dans le monde face au regard des autres.

Toronto Raptors point guard Jeremy Lin said a Fiserv Forum security guard asked him for identification following Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks ...