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Company: Automated Logic Corporation
Innovation: OptiFlex™ virtual integrator
OptiFlex™ virtual integrator is a

Here is where you find the MiterSet product that lets you make precise angle cuts and segmented pieces: Also, people ten...

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Unknown to many Alamedans, except for those lucky few who live adjacent to them, there are six small — and in many cases, hidden — waterfront parks along Fernside Boulevard and Eastshore Drive. They were designed to give all Alamedans a little bit of waterfront access and viewing.

These thirteen travel books will make you laugh, cry, learn history, and inspire you to see the world. They are my current selection of best travel books.

Gerhard Krüger is a Senior Consultant for Helix ALM. He has been helping customers and doing ALM implementations around the globe since 2004. An Agile Scrum Master and Cisco Certified Network Professional, he is also the architect responsible for Helix ALM in the cloud
Vibhuti Bhushan
VP of Products and Marketing
Vibhuti Bhushan is the VP of Products and Marketing at OpsHub. He comes with 16…

Can DevOps tooling make a difference? With tools for DevOps from Perforce, teams are empowered to collaborate better and be more productive. Learn more about Perforce DevOps tools.

Social situations after your divorce is finalized can be challenging, but it is important to continue to make a concerted effort.

Author Michael Jeffries discusses his experience going through parental alienation and gives tips for other parents on how to survive the process.

Imagine going back in time and strolling along Park Street in the 1950s. If you’re anything like me, you’d be paying attention to the cars parked on the street as much as the shop windows. That’s what it was like last Saturday at the downtown Alameda Classic Car Show. There were more than 400 cars in attendance, so many that the show spanned six blocks of Park Street between Buena Vista and Encinal avenues. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees and thousands…

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As emotionally and financially complicated as post-divorce life can be, it is not the grim reality that you may feel that it is.

The Alameda Elks along with the Alameda Recreation and Park Department will kick off the 46th annual Hoop Shoots contest Monday, Oct. 15. The contest competition will be at the park level. The first competitions will be held at Bayport, Franklin, Leydecker, Lincoln, Longfellow, Tillman and Washington parks and Alameda Point Gym during program hours. The contest consists of shooting free throws. Each contestant has 25…

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As a local business owner, you know how critical it is for consumers to be able to find your store […]

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is proposing significant changes to longstanding immigration policy that substantially expands the meaning and application of the “public charge” provision. Currently, people considered likely to become a “public charge” can be denied admission to the U.S. or permanent residency status, or may even be deported. Homeland Security is now proposing to radically expand the list of benefit programs that would…

Too often, for small businesses, search engine optimization is an afterthought. It’s daunting and confusing, and hiring an expert is […]

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