Business in Fairview Park - Oakland, CA

The tax bureau in Shenzhen and Tencent announced Friday that China's first blockchain-based invoice had been issued to a local restaurant.

We will end the day with a Rapid Response Training, for those of you wanting to become observers and rapid responders inside and/or outside of our school walls. We hope that you can support this tremendously important work, please share flyer below with teachers at your sites. The first 100 educators to arrive will receive a free Sanctuary Welcome Poster
Space is limited for OUSD Sanctuary…

The second session of the OPPO Tech Open-Day concluded in Beijing Friday.

If you were going to book a room in Israeli occupied territory shouldn't you know it? has changed its description for all of Jerusalem in its search engine as an “Israeli city.” This happened recently after pro-Israel activists complained that it was being described as an Israeli settlement/disputed area.Tell them, just because Israel wants it, doesn't make it so.

Global brands tend to tread carefully in protecting their image. Sleepwalking into a political row is the last thing they'd do but not so it seems with a popular site around the world used by millio...

While many Oakland Chinatown restaurant spaces languish empty, others have been churning through concepts rapidly. The single storefront to see the most change in the...

An exciting new ice cream shop in New York, making Middle Eastern ice cream!

Never miss another Golden State Warriors event - get updates straight in your device via Stanza

So there were men other than Henry Golding on the red carpet this week. Here's a look quick look at how they fared. Rami Malek: Joining Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for the INTERSECT by Lexus preview event, the actor sported a very smart, yet semi-casual profile in Valentino. Justin Theroux: There is always a smoldering

The 18-year-old who shoved her teenage friend off a 60-foot bridge near Vancouver, Wash., causing her to suffer serious injuries, was charged Friday with reckless endangerment.

Elon Musk's erratic behavior was front and center again this week as the CEO of Tesla conceded that he's overwhelmed by job stress, pushing his electric car company's stock down and bringing pressure on its board to take action.

A cheap, simple way to concentrate cannabinoids, dry ice is the fastest way to turn trash into gold.

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A federal grand jury in California indicted 12 men suspected of being members of the violent MS-13 gang on charges that include murder, extortion, arson and drug trafficking, authorities said. 

The device would save recordings of live TV to Amazon’s Fire TV boxes.

Civil rights attorney Pamela Price kicked off her campaign this week for Oakland Mayor. In a video announcing her candidacy, Price vowed to bring a new urgency to finding solutions to the city’s exploding homelessness crisis – and the health issues associated with it – by investing immediately in anti-displacement initiatives, affordable housing, and comprehensive …

A Hernando County father desperately performed CPR on his baby boy Friday morning after returning home from work and discovering the child in a hot car, deputies say, but ultimately the boy died.

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A new report claims that first lady Melania Trump tried to outfit the White House with modern furniture, but that her husband quickly replaced those items with pieces in his favored Rococo style
The claim was made by two people familiar with the episode who spoke with The New York Times for a report on Melania published Friday.
The first lady's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, told The Times that decorating the White House was a joint effort between Mr. and Mrs. Trump.…

Youth activists are mobilizing students from Bakersfield to Stockton with hopes of making an impact in the age of Trump.

Come sail away with this Mid-Century Modern dream. Actor Brian Geraghty is selling his beautiful boathouse-style home in the Hollywood Hills for $800,000.

Nigeria has been fighting against drug counterfeiters for decades. In June, Nigeria's National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) destroyed counterfeit drugs worth nearly $10 million.

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It is hard to believe that it has been three years. Three years since All Souls Parish discerned three areas of to focus our time, attention, and resources: Deep Hospitality, Christian Action and Practice, and a new path for the Parish House
Seeing as many things have happened in the last three years––the Vestry has turned over entirely, many people on our staff…

Want to research with a Nobel laureate or think about the art of migration? Those are a few among the many courses offered this fall

As a modern, global economy grows and changes, traditional notions of higher education are evolving.The conventional four-year degree still commands

Real estate agent Hannah Tai uses her pastry chef skills to create unforgettable closing gifts for every client

My childhood home was utterly different than where and how I live now. I grew up on Venice Beach in the 1960s. There, the way a person proved their mettle was with power, persuasion, or perfidy. It was a rough and tumble town back then, occupied by ne’er-do-wells and poets, fugitives and philosophers, rapscallions and runaways. And the Warshaws
The Warshaws were the lone, middle class…

The social network is said to have violated the Fair Housing Act with targeting advertising, including allowing ads to be limited based on a user's religion