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A cheap, simple way to concentrate cannabinoids, dry ice is the fastest way to turn trash into gold.

Namaste Berkeley: 2820 7th Street, Berkeley, CA
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Literary favorite Ottessa Mosfegh’s third novel, My Year of Rest and Relaxation (Penguin Press) is out July 10th. Put it in the running for funniest book of the year. The unnamed narrator’s quixotic ambition to sleep through an entire year gave me flashes of William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch (one of my favorite books). With the aid…

Red Cross volunteer La Faver supports fire victims Susanne La Faver has served as a volunteer with the American Red Cross since 1991. Last year she worked in the Florida Keys during Hurricane Irma, as well as at the fires that devastated Santa Rosa. As part of her more recent duties, she represented the Red Cross at the Mendocino Complex Fire, which is still burning today.

QTS Ashburn – From Breaking Ground to Breaking Headlines
In case you missed it, this week has been busy for the QTS team, specifically around our bustling Ashburn campus. In fact, it’s been a busy 10 months, culminating in early delivery to the anchor tenant at this world-class mega data center. As the first phase of development wraps up and the first customer installs, our team…

Getting divorced this year? If you're past 50, it's critically important to pay attention to how your retirement savings weathers the storm.

I have a books problem. My parents read Dr. Seuss books to me when I was a child, and that was where it started. Every weekend they would take me to the library. It started with the books on science and astronomy. Once I had read them all, they introduced me to the grownup side … Continued

The Fillmore Detroit Built in 1925 by architect C. Howard Crane, The State was one of the most prominent theaters along Woodward Avenue during the...

'Can a house be haunted by more than just memories? A Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning spin-off of the classic \"A Raisin in the Sun\", this hilarious satire examines how attitudes toward race and property change over the years ... and yet so much remains the same. Enjoy \"Clybourne Park\" at the Altarena Playhouse in Alameda.

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If you move abroad with Seven Seas Worldwide, we'll provide storage at a knockdown price.

Safely store the medicines you use and dispose of what you no longer need. Did you know that more than 50 percent of older adults take more than five medications or supplements daily? Storing medicines that you no longer need with the five or more medications you use can put you at risk for not... Read More

Luggage redefined: a carry-on Travel Backpack and system of Packing Tools designed around the idea that no two trips are the same.

How I made a Twisted Stool / End table from a solid piece of ash. Firstly I would like to thank GRAFF for sending me some of their speed cutters to try. They...

Buy Carrie Underwood: The Cry Pretty Tour 360 tickets at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA for May 16, 2019 07:00 PM at Ticketmaster.

First phase development of 32 megawatt facility completed in 10 months
ASHBURN, Va. (August 16, 2018) – Responding to increasing demand for hyperscale data center and hybrid colocation solutions, QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS), a leading provider of software-defined and mega-scale data center solutions, announced early delivery of commissioned space in its new Ashburn, Va. mega data center
The new facility is the first three-story data…

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Dan The Produce Man shares the Passion and Enjoyment of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Dr. Dennis Prat, an experienced General Dentist in Oakland, CA offers the latest in Dental Implants and Receding Gums Treatment. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Ref: TCSDCS0028 Special Day Class, Moderate/Severe If you are a motivated, certified teacher, we invite you to join a team of professional educators that have a daily impact on the lives of their students and the Oakland community. Who we are:OUSD is a diverse urban school district that is intensely focused on student achievement. A national model of urban reform and a living example of multiculturalism…

...but that movement doesn’t have to be intense or extreme. Therapeutic Yoga takes a gentle approach to moving and healing the body. As we cultivate our therapeutic offerings at Namaste, we are excited to be a container for some amazing programming in the coming year.
Saturday, August 18 1:30-4:00pm

A South Bay hospice patient and lifelong musical theater fan received a very special surprise on Friday that put a huge smile on her face and had her cheering and pumping a fist in the air.

My scrap wood shelf was getting out of control, so I decided to reach back to my first ever woodworking project - the balancing wine bottle holder. Very simp...

Kirk Steudle replaces John Maddox, who launched ACM as its top executive in 2016; it's unclear whether Maddox was terminated from the organization or left on his own.

At 87-years-old, Nancy is in hospice care because her body is failing. Her mind, however, is razor-sharp and her heart is full thanks to the kindness of her music therapist and the lead actor in her favorite play, "Jersey Boys." Garvin Thomas reports.

FDA approval is necessary to market and distribute medical devices. Find out how to get FDA approval for medical devices in 5 steps. Plus, learn the difference between FDA compliant vs. FDA approved.

Late last week, QTS Realty Trust opened the doors on the first piece of its data center expansion in Ashburn, Virginia. They have commissioned the first 4M provides ACH payments processing, automates your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

I remember a time when I was about 12 years old, when my friends and I had spent the day riding our bikes on dirt mounds by our house. By the end of the day, we’d taken several tumbles and were covered in dirt. One of my friends had some fake blood that he’d been planning to...

Have you ever tried to make yourself do something that took a little extra energy to remember or required self-coaching to make it happen? You know, things like exercising more often or keeping your cool in traffic or eating more greens. We all “know” what we should do. We read, we pick up tips and strategies, we use post-it notes as reminders and put actions into our daily planners, yet despite our best intentions and desires, the reality is that we simply don’t…