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Economics can help us be better stewards, and it can help us make better public policy. Here are four examples--minimum wages, tariffs, price-gouging laws, and drug prohibition--where economics helps us see and explain the unintended consequences of well-intentioned policies.

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC (HMIN) today marked its 10th anniversary of automobile production at its plant in Greensburg, Indiana during a celebration with state and local government officials joining the celebration with Honda associates.

With a troubled economy and continuingly soaring healthcare costs, employers are always on the loo...

SAN FRANCISCO — Anil Kumble and Virender Sehwag were trumpeted as the stars of Star India subsidiary Hotstar’s first CricFest here at the City View Metreon Oct. 13.

The Hindu American Foundation Sept. 30 held its annual Silicon Valley Gala at the India Community Center in Milpitas, Calif., celebrating 15 years of advocacy.

On view until January 21, it includes a wide spectrum of Goldberg’s art, starting with the early days of his career, which illustrate the origins of his comic style
“He did about 50,000 cartoons; only a small fraction were invention cartoons that he became famous for” his granddaughter, Jennifer George, said at a press event for the exhibit.
His works became so well known that people would use his name as an adjective to describe real-life devices that seemed patched together in oddly…

NEW YORK — An Italian novel translated by Indian American author Jhumpa Lahiri was among the finalists announced Oct. 10 for the National Book Awards.

An ultimate Barcelona accommodation guide, including hostels, budget-friendly hotels, boutique hotels, luxury hotels, apartments and family-friendly hotels.

Here is a man who many will say is “wasting his life.” Stop it. This is wrong. Whatever it is you’re doing with your existence—lawyer, doctor, grout repairperson, etc.—it turns out that it is in fact you who is wasting your life because, unlike like this man, you are not living the Rube Goldberg lifestyle
The unreasonably charming man in the video above, via Wired, is Joseph Herscher, who runs the YouTube channel Joseph’s Machines . Herscher is a New Zealander living in…

NEW DELHI — M.J. Akbar, India’s junior external affairs minister, resigned Oct. 17 amid accusations by 20 women of sexual harassment during his previous career as one of the country’s

I’ve added a new flagship interface to the studio to add more clarity and depth to our production. I met Frank Oglethorpe at an event in San Francisco and got to hear the Atlas & Titan in action. The audio detail was giving me chills and put me in a space where the music was visual. The Ti

An introduction to advanced microscopy techniques for IAQ professionals with evolving problems.

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“As the supper [in May 1939] progressed, I found myself revising my previous concept of [Franklin D. Roosevelt]... I had long admired him for his sagacious statesmanship. Hearing him in this informal atmosphere, I realized how much I had idealized

On October 3, the student body at Joaquin Miller Elementary School in Oakland came together during an assembly to kick off a new movement to reduce wasted food at their school. Approximately 40 percent of edible food ends up in landfills, never reaching a plate, despite the fact that one out of five residents faces food insecurity in Alameda County. Schools can play an

Download the latest update of the Golden State Warriors Official Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. In addition to being the easiest way to stay current with schedules, scores and news the latest update (June 10, 2016) includes
An interactive arena map that displays your location inside Oracle Arena and searchable locations of concession stands, bars, retail stores and more
Ability to sign…

CHICAGO, Il. — WTTW’s Emmy-winning local restaurant review series “Check, Please!” premieres its 18th season with a familiar face in the hosting chair, Alpana Singh, the noted local Indian American

Every four years, politicians hoping to win the presidential election make hundreds of speeches meant to convince the American voter that they are uniquely qualified to 'solve' the crises of the day.
When they get around to talking about the U.S. Constitution (if they do at all), they leave the impression that the nation's charter is 'the best of all possible worlds.'
This myth is as old as th

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The Insurance Research Council estimates that 81 percent of all crashes occur in urban areas of wh...

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