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Mississippi Rep. Steven Palazzo proposed a new way to fund Trump's border wall: Selling "border bonds."
The "border bonds" would allow the US government to crowdfund the wall
Palazzo said his proposed plan, the "Border Bonds for America Act," allows Americans to "safely invest in border security."
It has been made pretty clear by now that Mexico is not planning on paying for a…

Sometimes, a bit of internet content is clearly a plea for virality, and yet it is so heartwarming and delightful, people nevertheless oblige.

BEIJING (AP) - The U.S. government said Tuesday that it is reviewing reports of forced labor at a Chinese detention camp where ethnic minorities must give up their religion and language and may be subject to political indoctrination
U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement that reporting by The Associated Press and other media "for the first time appears to link the internment camps…

Six alumni worked on the film, along with 12 current graduate students who got real-world experience contributing to the project

The Senate passed a sweeping criminal justice bill Tuesday that addresses concerns that the nation's war on drugs had led to the imprisonment of too many Americans for non-violent crimes without adequately preparing them for their return to society.

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) San Francisco supervisors voted six to one today on a charter amendment to let voters decide during next year's November election whether to extend City College of San Francisco's free tuition program through the next decade.

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) - Spectacular photos and video captured United States Coast Guard crew members as as they trained in massive waves off the coast of San Francisco last week.

New research from NASA shows that the rings, made predominantly of water ice, are being pulled apart by the planet's gravity and onto Saturn's surface as deluges of

China's economy will produce 'miracles that will impress the world' in the coming years, President Xi Jinping promised in a high-profile speech Tuesday.

In its 10-year Defense Program Guidelines, Tokyo said it will buy 42 of the stealthy F-35Bs, which are designed for short-run take offs and vertical landings.

63% of people surveyed by NAR said yes, but that’s the lowest number since 2015

The dissolution of the Donald J. Trump Foundation resolves one element of the attorney general's civil lawsuit against the foundation.

Gallup’s Civic Engagement Index tracks how many people around the world donate, volunteer, and help strangers

We can never find Amazon’s secret customer service phone number in the app or website. So we’re making it easier for you here.

Therapeutic yoga is a process of meeting the yogi where they are, of empowering individuals by helping increase self-awareness and learning how to work within one’s own strengths and limitations. The goals of this practice can include reducing or eliminating symptoms that cause suffering while improving foundation and function
Created for teachers who are pursuing continuing education credits, or yogis who want to deepen their therapeutic…

Police are asking for help locating Briana Ferguson, age 41, last seen in her Roseville home on Dec. 14

Find out which products Hollywood stars including Jessica Alba and Lea Michele are buzzing about this week — get the details

The brokerage snagged Erin Krueger's team and its $120M in transactions from Synergy Realty Network — could more local agents follow suit?