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Moving home? Taking your bike? Ship with Seven Seas Worldwide and we'll box it up and deliver it for you - nationwide or overseas.

We value your privacy. In order to protect it from potentially prying eyes, your session is about to expire due to inactivity. However, if you wish to continue, simply move your mouse, tap the screen (for mobile or touch devices), or press any key.
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The First Dallas iCampus is an online experience for the believer, the searcher, and the doubter to virtually join and interact with the First Dallas family every week for worship and sound, biblical teaching. Our iCampus team members will be standing by to greet, chat, and pray with you.

Lovingly restored and thoughtfully renovated as a “living piece of art,” Frank Sinatra’s secluded retreat high above Palm Desert has returned to the market for $4.5 million. “The current owners have kept the property very pure to Frank’s vision,” said listing Markus Canter with our Beverly Hills office. “It still has the tiles and wallpaper …

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Upcoming Events at Allen Temple Baptist Church Oakland for the week of December 9, 2018 and beyond! Allen Temple is honored and blessed to be pastored by Dr.... provides ACH payments processing, automates your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

It is no coincidence that National Coffee Day lines up with the start of autumn. Is there anything more delightful than those first sips of fresh hot coffee on a crisp fall morning? Many of us simply climb out of bed and sleepily stumble to our coffee pot on auto-pilot each morning, but it’s time …

NFPA 652-2019: Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust has information on combustible dust explosions.

How does a home construction loan work? We're breaking down everything you need to know about these types of loans.

There are many natural ways to make the holidays a less stressful time. Essential oils,vitamins,minerals and herbs are just a few of the things that can help you manage stress better. At this month's Meetup we will go over ways to make the holidays a truly beautiful time of year plus we will be sampling some stress relieving teas including Buddha Teas CBD herbal tea!
When: Saturday Dec 8th 12:15pm Where: Castro Valley Store

Rather than letting the building sit vacant, the city is allowing a nonprofit to use it as a homeless shelter.

Understanding your options when you inherit an IRA can help you to secure the opportunity to continue growing the IRA either tax-deferred or tax-free while avoiding unnecessary income taxes and early withdrawal penalties.

Structural issues have stalled the most high-profile downtown project of Hugh Futrell, a major player in shaping Santa Rosa’s future downtown.

Compacting to specifications is critical for soil, landfill, and paving applications. Cat compactors are specifically designed for all compaction operations.

BACS is working to end homelessness & poverty, to help people with substance use issues & behavioral health needs, and to break the cycle of incarceration
Since 1953, BACS has been a leader in community development, social justice, & advocacy for people who need it most. Every person who comes to BACS can achieve stability, move off the streets, get a job, live safely with their mental health issues, or stay out of jail.
For each of those success stories, our community gets…

The all-new D6 dozer delivers new levels of efficiency and performance with a choice of Electric Drive of Fully Automatic powertrain.

the epicenter for artists and leaders in diversity
Get inspired.Network.Lead
We look forward to welcoming hundreds of attendees to an important weekend of networking, inspiration, and leadership. Musicians of color, industry leaders, students, diversity advocates, and more will
Participate in over 30 sessions dedicated to diversity in classical music
Learn from and engage with more than 60 speakers
Attend several performances by the nation’s top musicians…

Don't sit on the porch
Go out and walk in the rain!
If you are in love, then why are you asleep?
Wake up, wake up!
Why not wake up this morning?"
~ Fragments of a poem by Kabir
from Leading with Love: Inspiration for Spiritual Activists
(Find this book in our Berkeley boutique!)
Satya's extended Practice for a Courageous Heart will include bhakti (chanting), yoga asana (poses), setting a spiritual mood with music, meditation, and lecture. Watch this video and chant along…

Aurora Painting and Decorating in Piedmont Avenue - Oakland, CA

We understand that renovation can be messy and disruptive. We do our utmost to respect you and your property by creating and adhering to a schedule that allows you and your family to live your lives with as little inconvenience as possible. The greatest care is taken to protect your landscaping and any other surfaces from damage and we make every effort not to disrupt your neighbors or impact their property.

Our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is comprised of multiple layers of learning that weave together into a dynamic, well-rounded experience. The 10-month Core Module with the lead instructors is the foundation of the program
You will also attend weekly class with at least one instructor, with whom you choose as a mentor. You are able to customize a portion of the training to align with your unique interests by choosing 60 hours of electives from Namaste’s ongoing line up of continuing…

A March 2007 study from the Pacific Research Institute titled Jackpot Justice: The True Cost of Am...

Bypass oil filtration features a secondary filter with the purpose of eliminating nearly all contaminants from engine oil. Bypass filters have high capacities and eliminate much smaller particles than full-flow filters. They reduce engine wear and increase oil volume, but their high efficiencies mean they also have higher restriction and must be used in conjunction with a full-flow filter.

NFPA 1001-2019 is a revised standard on firefighter professional qualifications. It includes information on personnel requirements.

Trying to get caught up on orders for The Reincarnation of Peter Proud. Intrada Facebook Twitter ht...

Your dentist can help you get a better sleep
Are you zoning out at work? Having trouble concentrating? Are you waking up frequently with a pounding headache? Do you often get sleepy – or even fall asleep – when you shouldn’t, like when you’re driving?
Tell your dentist!
Dentists are concerned with more than just your pearly whites. We’re here to help you with your overall health and well-being too! More and more evidence is coming out to show that sleep deprivation –…

Successful cooks have a plan, are organized, and work well under pressure. The same is true of successful DevOps teams.

We are delighted to have been shortlisted in The Legal 500 UK Awards 2019 in the following 6 categories: Set of the Year (Insolvency) Set of the Year (Private client: trusts and probate) Silk of the Year (Insolvency): Stephen Moverley Smith QC Silk of the Year (International arbitration): Michael Black QC Silk of the year …

Visiting your parents and family this holiday season? Instead of staring at the TV, or – even worse – debating politics, try some of these suggestions. Not only are they enjoyable, they provide opportunities to gain insight into how your aging relative is doing.

Poinsettias are classic icons of the holiday season. Here's how you can keep one growing indoors or out so you can enjoy it again next year.

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