Limited-Service Restaurants in Oakland, CA - Alameda County

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Hudson Bay Cafe

Restaurants in Shafter, Oakland

5401 College Ave

Shafter Oakland, CA

(510) 658-0214


Restaurants in Oakland Airport, Oakland

1 Airport Dr Box 39

Oakland Airport Oakland, CA

(510) 563-3842

La Boulangerie de San Francisco, College

Restaurants in Rockridge, Oakland

5500 College Ave

Rockridge Oakland, CA

(510) 350-8332

A+ Burger

Restaurants in Fairview Park, Oakland

6228 Telegraph Ave

Fairview Park Oakland, CA

(510) 250-9598

Chef Yeaaahh

Restaurants in Downtown, Oakland

1743 San Pablo Ave

Downtown Oakland, CA

(510) 470-8286

Tay Ho Oakland Restaurant & Bar

Restaurants in Civic Center, Oakland

344 12th St Suite B

Civic Center Oakland, CA

(510) 836-6388

Anfilo Coffee

Restaurants in Waverly, Oakland

35 Grand Avenue

Waverly Oakland, CA

(510) 828-2759

SunnySide Catering & Biscuits

Restaurants in Lakewide, Oakland

Serving General Area

Lakewide Oakland, CA

(510) 214-6991

Nikko's Restaurant

Restaurants in South Kennedy Tract, Oakland

340 23rd Ave

South Kennedy Tract Oakland, CA

(510) 533-1425

Romo’s Caffe

Restaurants in Fairfax Business-Wentworth-Holland, Oakland

5395 Bancroft Ave

Fairfax Business-Wentworth-Holland Oakland, CA

(510) 328-2875

Kelly's Deli

Restaurants in Clawson, Oakland

3838 Hollis St

Clawson Oakland, CA

(510) 601-9400

Alice Street Bakery Café

Restaurants in Chinatown, Oakland

251 10th St

Chinatown Oakland, CA

(510) 858-5885

Viva Voce Cafe

Restaurants in Merriwood, Oakland

5761 Thornhill Dr

Merriwood Oakland, CA

Revolve Cafe & Beverage Bar

Restaurants in Downtown, Oakland

1714 Franklin St

Downtown Oakland, CA

(510) 910-6690


Restaurants in Old City-Produce And Waterfront, Oakland

44 Webster Street

Old City-Produce And Waterfront Oakland, CA

(510) 250-9491

Oasis Restaurant & Bar

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Civic Center, Oakland

135 12th St

Civic Center Oakland, CA

(510) 763-0404

Three Seasons Thai Bistro

Seafood Restaurants in Oakmore, Oakland

1506 Leimert Blvd

Oakmore Oakland, CA

(510) 842-8467

Hunan Restaurant i

Chinese Restaurants in Downtown, Oakland

396 11th St

Downtown Oakland, CA

(510) 444-1155

Hahn's Hibachi

Japanese Restaurants in Acorn-Acorn Industrial, Oakland

63 Linden St # Jack

Acorn-Acorn Industrial Oakland, CA

(510) 628-0717

Kronnerburger Restaurant

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

4063 Piedmont Ave

Piedmont Avenue Oakland, CA

(510) 823-2371

Cafe Roma

Cafe Restaurants in Downtown, Oakland

1221 Broadway Ste 42

Downtown Oakland, CA

(510) 251-1132

Chinese Food Distribution Inc.

Chinese Restaurants in Old City-Produce And Waterfront, Oakland

401 Alice St

Old City-Produce And Waterfront Oakland, CA

(510) 763-8356

Los Cocos Salvadorian Restaurant

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Hawthorne, Oakland

1449 Fruitvale Ave

Hawthorne Oakland, CA

(510) 536-3079

Lee's Garden Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurants in Ivy Hill, Oakland

1852 Park Blvd

Ivy Hill Oakland, CA

(510) 763-2147

Plaza Cafe

Cafe Restaurants in Downtown, Oakland

300 Frank H Ogawa Plz

Downtown Oakland, CA

(510) 465-5001

Seablue Coffee Restaurant

Coffee, Espresso & Tea House Restaurants in Hawthorne, Oakland

2307 International Blvd

Hawthorne Oakland, CA

(510) 533-8310

Garden House

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Downtown, Oakland

380 15th St

Downtown Oakland, CA

(510) 835-9515

Church's Chicken

Fast Food
Restaurants/Food & Dining in Fremont, Oakland

1455 High St

Fremont Oakland, CA

(510) 436-5308

Barclays Restaurant and Pub

Pubs in Rockridge, Oakland

5940 College Ave Fl 1

Rockridge Oakland, CA

(510) 654-1654

Chef Edwards Bar-B-Que

Restaurants/Food & Dining in San Pablo Gateway, Oakland

1998 San Pablo Ave

San Pablo Gateway Oakland, CA

(510) 834-9516