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Learn your company's obligations when it comes to employee efforts to organize a union
If your business employs union workers or your employees are in the process of trying to organize, you will need to understand your legal rights and obligations. This article explains some basic labor law concepts
You will also need an experienced labor lawyer on retainer, however. When it comes to unions, organizing…

The current partial shutdown of the federal government is now the longest in U.S. history. It began during the holidays, when many people were on vacation

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Pregnant employees may not be discriminated against and may be entitled to time off from work.

Most people hope that they never have to use a lawyer, ever. If you watch late-night TV, or listen to stand-up comedians, and that’s all you knew, you wouldn’t want to either. And I’m just talking about the jokes! Late-night TV is also filled with many lawyers’ commercials too! You know, the cheesy ones, with the guys in suits, telling you that you’ll get “compensation” for your injuries
So what exactly does a lawyer do? A good lawyer will first listen to you,…

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By solving this business challenge, The Home Depot's Merchandising Execution Team supported 65 metro Atlanta schools.

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Gather documents to bring to a consultation with a lawyer. You will need to find (or file) your Income Tax Returns from the last 4 years. This means- full copies of each page of the return. Not just the W-2 from your job or the first 2 pages. The whole tax return. We can order tax transcripts (official copies) from the IRS, but it takes 2 to 4 weeks to get those. You also need to get us your last 6 months of…

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Fines? No ProblemâWelcome Back
If you have gone without Oak Lawn Public Library services because of overdue fines, we would like to welcome you back! The Library is offering amnesty throughout the month of January. All late fines will be waived, making it the right time to return those long-overdue items. This is a great opportunity to be reacquainted with the Libraryâs collections and services and to be introduced to some new ones.
If you have pending fees because of lost…