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How can new technology adoption keep you flexible and versatile in leadership?

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Optimize your hiring strategy early to ensure your seasonal staff is prepared for the influx of Christmas shoppers.

MVP on Clanbrassil Street is bringing in a no-alcohol day to promote sober socialising

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What can you do when you meet the job requirements but just don't have the experience?

The fear of dwindling workforces and the inability to meet consumer demands has some employers forcing their employees to take flu and H1N1 vaccines.

When you file for bankruptcy protection, you, as the Debtor, are required to list every debt you owe. That’s right, EVERY debt. Even if you want to keep paying the debt, the bankruptcy trustee, and the Bankruptcy Court, need to know which companies you owe. But, wait, you say, I don’t want to “include” my house, or my car. I want to keep them!! You may be able to keep your house and your car. But whether you keep either don’t in a…

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The Beatle also talks about worrying, songwriting, and how even his famous bandmate was insecure

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Bosses that implement active listening will help eliminate recurring problems, squash big issues and deter misunderstandings.

Ask questions. Your attorney needs to know if you understand what he or she has explained. And, most importantly, you should know what your options are. You should understand that if you take a certain course of action, what will happen. Do you know what your choices are? What to do next? Do not: Argue with the attorney. This may seem obvious. But, if the attorney gives you an answer you don’t like, arguing won’t change the answer. And, if you want to…

This is a series of blog articles about Bankruptcy that will hopefully educate you about important concepts in an interesting and informative way, the Bankruptcy Alphabet
The first concept is A, for Attorney. Why is having an attorney- a responsive, knowledgeable Bankruptcy attorney so important? First of all, you need an attorney who is responsive. You need to be able to call your attorney and be able to talk to the attorney or someone in his/her office right away, or, if not immediately,…

Just because marijuana is legal in your state doesn't mean your employer can't fire you for using it.

Web 2 Market is excited to announce participation in the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative. It is a new Magento Community initiative. Since June 2018, we’ve been actively working with our merchants like National Tire Wholesale, Burston Marketing and Cajun Crawfish. We’ve optimized their mobile eCommerce experience for increased mobile conversions. The findings are thrilling. We want

Read CNN's Fast Facts about Columbus Day, which is celebrated on the second Monday in October.