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For well over a century, the Veterans of Foreign Wars has carried the torch for veterans. Every year, every battle, fighting for what veterans have earned. F...

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The drug, Metabocin, was designed to slowly release capsaicin throughout the day so it can exert its anti-obesity effect without producing inflammatio..

Omega-3s work to provide support for brain health and heart health, while also exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties.

Consumers often hear about contentious issues involving food or drug products. Items may be recalled or may be alleged to cause harm though the manufacturer

Social Security and Medicare don't cover everything in retirement. Here's what you need to know.

The Mission: Impossible series is known for a few consistent elements. There’s the star power of Tom Cruise, who began his run as a producer with the first movie, and has been as much the author of...

There’s no denying the fact Americans love their snacks—especially salty snacks that satisfy savory cravings. Despite competition from a crowded field, U.S. sales of salty snacks are expected to exceed $29 billion in 2022, according to a new report from Packaged Facts.

If you're concerned about affording healthcare in retirement, you're in good company. Here's how you might ease the burden.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. Common symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, chest tightness.

It is natural for parents to fear the Chiropractor for their babies. As adults, getting an adjustment can mean a lot of pressure and cracks. However, Chiropr...

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A host of complementary therapies are gaining popularity as alternatives to conventional care. We break down the hows and whys behind these treatment options.

Papa John’s is not an individual. Papa John’s is a pizza company with 120,000 corporate and franchise team members around the world. Our employees represent all walks of life, and we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace for all. Racism and any insensitive language, no matter what the context simply cannot – and will not – be tolerated at any level of our company
The Board of Directors of Papa John’s accepted Mr. Schnatter’s resignation as Chairman of the Board…

Russian mediators acting on behalf of the government in Syria of Bashar al-Assad negotiated a ceasefire with the armed militias in Daraa province.

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The use of video conferencing for home health care could be a life-saving adaptation of a technology that began as little more than a fancy business tool.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mississippi and the University of Mississippi Medical Center have agreed on a mediator in their contract dispute and UMMC will proceed under the contract terms through the...

Acupuncture significantly eased joint pain for a majority of women undergoing a common form of breast cancer treatment, a new study has found.

Among those who had no AC there were longer reaction times compared to those who lived with air conditioning.

While Adobe Muse can currently be updated via Creative Cloud, new installations of the application are not as straight forward....

State Medicaid programs could curb overpayment and secure bigger rebates by requiring drug manufacturers to provide additional pricing information in exchange for preferred coverage.

World Emoji Day Is On July 17. Get The Details About This Fun Holiday, And Learn Some Tips For Celebrating It With Your Friends And Family. We Hope You Enjoy World Emoji Day!

Virtua's new Pediatric Mobile Services Unit brings care to children in underserved communities

Vilardo’s Deli is family-owned business located in Nutley,NJ. Our goal is to bring a taste of Italy to the residents of our community.