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In 2010, Sgt. Mike Liscomb was injured while serving overseas in raq.
Six years of limb salvage surgeries and infections eventually led to the amputation of his left leg last year.
He is now thriving thanks to his state-of-the-art bionic prosthetic.

Why and how do mice age differently from elephants? Why do humans age differently from both? What is the limit of human longevity and can it be increased? If so, how
To renowned biogerontology professor and scientist Judith Campisi of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, finding answers to these questions drives her. Each age-related disease is due to cell senescence, a cell’s response to…

Don't Let Diabetes Define You
Get the tools you need to help keep your diabetes under control. By enrolling in wellness+ for Diabetes, enjoy exclusive members-only benefits for managing your diabetes, including
Access to diabetes specialists online or over the phone.* To reach a diabetes specialist by phone, dial 1-800-RITE AID and follow the prompts to be transferred to a Rite Aid Pharmacist. Hearing or speech…

Learn more about how you can contribute to Vitamin Angels' important work providing nutrients to malnourished women and children around the world.

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Did you know 663 million people in the world drink contaminated water every day? They walk for hours to collect it from rivers, lakes and holes in the ground. It causes diseases, keeps kids out of school and prevents parents from working
With charity: water, 100% of all donations go to provide clean, safe drinking water. That’s why we’re joining together to bring smiles to 10,000 people in Ethiopia by bringing them clean, safe water.…

The Bilateral Above-Knee Amputee Bootcamp is a challenging 3-day workshop strengthening the abilities of the participants, while providing peer support opportunities.

Chief Program Officer
“I was really excited about the project I designed, but then I got back to the reality of my classroom and school. I really could have used longer blocks of instructional time. I also didn’t have many other teachers in my school who understood what I was trying to do.”
- Joanne, Grade 5 teacher
“I wish our Assistant Superintendent had attended the training! She’s worried that PBL is going to negatively impact our test scores. The truth is, I…

In 1993, when Maja Kazazic turned 16, she had no idea she'd be leaving her family and her war-torn home during the height of the Bosnian genocide. That year, however, when a rocket-propelled grenade exploded in a courtyard where...

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From single-serve oatmeal to spinach-feta wraps, here are some of my family's post-travel freezer favorites (without any mention of frozen waffles).

People who regularly run or walk briskly appear to have healthier discs in their spines than people who do not exercise, according to one of the first studies to closely examine links between movement and disc health
The findings refute a widely held belief that activities like running might overtax the spine and indicate that, instead, they make it sturdier
The human spine…

By quitting smoking you reduce your risk of disease (including heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, lung cancer, throat cancer, emphysema, ulcers, gum disease and other conditions.

Music festivals aren’t known for their relaxing properties, but then again, they’re not exactly known for high-end wine pours or celebrity cooking demonstrations,…

Newsletters, blogs and podcasts are great ways to stay informed about consumer issues. Photo: American Ratings Corporation, 2017
Like most of you, I subscribe to a variety of news feeds, blogs, email newsletters and podcasts, both for entertainment and so I can learn about things I’m interested in. I’m a big fan of Flipboard , my news feed for politics, cooking and music. For local restaurant openings and news, I enjoy reading tablehopper.com , and my favorite podcast right now is “On Being”…

There is a popular saying that says " Sunglasses are the best eye makeup" The best way to beat the glaring sun and till look stylish is to throw a pa...

This flavorful, veggie-packed dish is a great use for leftover rice. Note: For best results, use day-old cooked rice. Alternatively, cook rice in the morning, spread in a thin layer on a couple large plates, and place in the refrigerator...

Our skin is under constant bombardment due to the natural effects of aging, sun exposure, and interaction with outside elements. Read more to find out how you can restore your skin's natural glow!

Your wedding day is one of the happiest of your life. So you'll surely be glowing as you see your groom, greet your guests, and twirl around the dance floor. To ensure that your smile is as radiant as possible, read our tricks for whiter teeth, beautiful lips, and a natural smile.

Sonoma Valley Hospital and the Integrative Health Network are joining with Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in Sonoma to sponsor the second annual Sonoma Valley Integrative Health Fair. The free event will feature presentations and product and therapy demonstrations providing information about less invasive, multidisciplinary approaches to many health needs
The 2017 Integrative Health Fair will focus on Metabolic Syndrome with an emphasis on identification, prevention, and reversal…