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Premium Branded Solutions
Teaching golf for a living is demanding, and undoubtedly can be a labor of love. Teaching professionals dedicate themselves to countless hours of lessons, coaching, and constant communication with their students. V1 Sports understands this, and has made a commitment to help instructors create new opportunities to improve their business
V1 Sports Premium branded solutions is…

Will you be attending the RE/MAX R4 Convention 2018 this year? It is taking place in Las Vegas from February 26 - March 1, 2018. Learn more about the event!

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Easy as 1-4-6-8
Instructors and teaching professionals are routinely searching for more time, as it is common for lessons to run long and daily tasks to accumulate. For this reason, every minute of teaching time should be maximized to its fullest effect. Creating systems within the V1 platform that are tailored to your teaching is vitally important for efficiency…

Moved more than anyone else you know? Find out once and for all whether you’re an expert mover.

The My Stevens Move App is an indispensible tool for navigating the moving process.

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other, friends or family? Try out one of these events in Michigan!

As 2017 comes to a quick end, we can’t help but reminisce about what a fulfilling year it’s been for us at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. From moving people forward — our customers to new homes and new begi…

Capture, compare and improve your golf swing on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Record and analyze your swing or compare it side-by-side to V1 Golf's library of Tour Professionals. V1 Golf is fun, easy-to-use and the perfect app to improve your game!

Here are three ways that entrepreneurs can encourage these kids to work toward science and engineering careers.

Flint Group helped The Print Academy in the UK greatly extend the capability of its 6 colour Heidelberg CD102 + coater with the retrofit of an AMS (Air Motio...

For months now, Ford CEO Mark Fields has been saying the automaker must also become a mobility company.

With full benefits packages available, DeWys Manufacturing offers on the job training with their career opportunities for fabrication jobs here in West MI.

We continue our tradition of re-evaluating the progress of supply chains throughout the year in relation to our predictions, as explained by this blog post.

The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) is the premiere trade show for utility professionals and construction contractors.

Companies in Colorado and Michigan announced they've developed an electric drive system that can be added to Ford Transit van models as part of conversions.

If done well, home staging can help sell your home faster. Check out these 5 common mistakes to avoid when staging your home.

“It’s simple, it’s just not easy.” -unknown
The pitch deck (a slide presentation designed to attract investors) is a necessary tool for tech startups trying to raise money. In addition, developing a good pitch deck can be a powerful exercise in helping you improve your thinking about your business and refine your plan. I stress this second point because many entrepreneurs view the pitch deck as…

Ann Arbor’s deep engineering talent base and innovative history makes it a natural location for automotive R&D, and the future of mobility technology. This sector includes 100 plus firms and employs 8,200 people Ann Arbor has been a center for automotive research, design, and component manufacture for many years. Ann Arbor’s automotive expertise includes research and development for the North American market, vehicle emissions testing, advanced…

In January 2007 BP signed a major exploration and production sharing agreement with the government of Oman for the appraisal and development of Block 61 and the Khazzan and Makarem gas fields.

Climate change and the increasing scarcity of fossil resources are the major challenges of the 21st century. They are making it essential to develop new, more environmentally friendly sources of energy
Waste and wastewater now represent a resource that can be recovered as energy in the form of heat, electricity or fu
Keeping track of waste
Étienne Petit, Veolia’s CEO in Germany
“The energy…

Whether it's a kitchen sink full of murky water or an overflowing lavatory, you've probably experienced a clogged drain before and reached for the drain cleaner. But how do drain cleaners work?

Redefining quality and stability in the press-room, Flint Group has recently launched its new generation of Sheetfed UV Low Migration inks; UltraCURA® Sens, UltraCURA® Sens Plas and UltraCURA® Sens Bases. Created out of a new resin technology system, these inks are the first in a series of advanced energy curing products from Flint Group to be launched in 2017
“We’re launching the first products based on…

Moving into a college dorm room is stressful. Use this guide to find 7 dorm room essentials to add to your packing list to make the move easier.

Bringing the products and colours you use every day to life!
At Flint Group, we offer an unmatched product portfolio spanning printing inks, digital printing presses, blankets, pressroom chemistry, flexographic plates and sleeves, consumables and colourants. With impressive global resources, local service and personalised expertise - Flint Group is dedicated to bringing colour and function to the printing and packaging products that consumers touch, see and use each day!

rotec® Eco Bridge, an innovative adapter air flow system which increases productivity, reduces noise and makes work more enjoyable. Have a look! Learn more o...

Scorched another pot? Don't throw it away. With a little effort and some ingredients from your pantry, you can return that burnt pot or pan back to its former glory.

Flint Group Flexographic Products offers a broad range of photopolymer flexo plates, covering all flexographic applications. Whether for flexible packaging, label printing, print finishing, corrugated preprint or postprint, packaging printers and repro houses can choose the ideal nyloflex plate for their application.