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Located in California, Washington, Arizona and Tennessee Claim Jumper Restaurants provide legendary service and offer huge portions of steaks, seafood, signature appetizers and desserts in an atmosphere of the 1849 Gold Rush.

CPK is dedicated to making its restaurants, website, and all other media and communications accessible. To that end, CPK’s website is designed and maintained to be accessible and usable to individuals with disabilities. CPK continually reviews and modifies its website to improve its accessibility for people who use assistive technology or who have special needs.

The brown bread of a bagel, shown sliced in two halves. Some platforms depict seeds, as sesame or poppy, and a schmear of cream cheese, with the bagel assembled as a sandwich. May resemble the…

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Check Your Voter Status and Polling Place
Check your voter registration status
Find your polling place, and/or
Check on the status of your request for a vote-by-mail ballot
It may take 1-2 business days for new registrations and updates entered into the Florida Voter Registration System to be available through the look-up.
If you cannot find your information, please contact your county Supervisor of Elections or…

Truffle time! New Truffles flavors feature real truffles along with those classic Ben & Jerry’s chunks and swirls.

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Standing among the produce at the Whole Foods Market where she works as a dishwasher, Lhakpa Sherpa could be any other striving immigrant supporting her family on $11.10 an hour — one dollar above …

A couple of weeks ago, my family went to the beach for vacation. (I know, I know—if you had a nickel for every time I mentioned the beach this month! (Apparently a change of scenery inspires plentiful blog posts and newsletters.)
When we're there, we often eat out as a large group—lots of fun, bu

What makes for a good rental deal? Price? Space? We did some digging to see what apartment size you can expect for your money in the 30 largest US cities.

Enjoy our wide selection of artisan pizzas, salads & sandwiches with better-for-you ingredients like organic wheat crust and tomato sauce.